Thursday, July 22, 2010

Visit with Spot the Dog

Maria Paula asked if we wanted to take the girls to see Spot the Dog at Barnes and Noble last Friday night. Sadly, a visit with Spot is more exciting than how our Friday nights usually go, so we jumped at the chance! (And by jumped I mean, I asked Price if he wanted to go and when he didn't say "no", I signed us up!) We have a few Spot books and are actually some of the girl's favorites. So the kids dressed up in their PJ's, we hit up dinner at Black Eyed Pea pre-show, and caught Spot afterwards. The girls had a blast and I was lucky enough to catch it all on video thanks to my new trusty phone (and by trusty, I don't mean AT&T connection, because clearly, that sucks!)

I love how Presley responds to the 'teacher' as if she were the only one there, Victoria is letting it be known that she does not want to go pet Spot, and Teagan gets up to go pet Spot, but stops short and just waves and runs back to her daddy. Just to see the girls have so much fun is worth it ten-fold and Price was the first to say that he was so glad that we went. (But still quickly added, don't sign him up for things unless he says, "Yes, I want to go!")

Garden update (as if you care...)

We've got cucumbers! Actually, we had cucumbers. We ate and shared them all and no new ones have grown. So...hopefully more will grow!

Before I toot my horn too loudly, I've got to admit, nothing else has grown... I'm beginning to wonder about it. But aren't those gorgeous cucumbers? (I guess back to my horn tootin'!) And they tasted as good as they looked. There's just something about food you've grown yourself!

Friday, July 2, 2010

New video!

OK, so it's taken me a LONG time to figure out how to do this. It's actually a little embarrassing! But it is there! More videos to come!