Saturday, May 12, 2012

More on Tempie

Formally I might have spelled it Tempy, but I think I like Tempie with -ie better. Just so we're all on the same page. (Excuse my attention to detail lately!)

Poor thing can't finish a nap without being woken up. Between all the school drop offs and pick ups, extra curricular activities, etc, it's hard having two older sisters.

She forgives them though.

Temple is always kicking her legs. Fast, slow, one leg or both, laying or being held, eating, hungry, sad, mad, excited. If she were to have an identifying sound, that would be it. The sound of beating feet!

Just like Presley, Temple will stare at someone until they give her attention. And then she'll beam a precious smile at them. It's cute, but can be slightly embarrassing, too.

Here she's making googly eyes at another mom at drama class.

She definitely knows how to object when you take away something she wants. The girls are spoiling her by giving whatever it is back!

When it's time to start baths and the bedtime routine, she will go down. Without fail though she wakes up about the time the house gets quiet. Then we get some alone time with just her for about an hour or so.

She's on the cusp of sitting by herself.

She's also just started to reach her arms out to you. Melts my heart. It's mostly when she wants you to pick her up.

She doesn't last on tummy time long. But I love, love, love this stage.

She tried to pick up puffs today, but couldn't ever get them to her mouth. I hand-fed her a couple cut in half and she did great with them.

Speaking of hand-fed. We found this little guy on the ground under one of our trees.

Price was doing all the work and I was trying not to get emotionally involved. But now I am and I worried about him all day because the other day because Taylor Swift Pearl wasn't looking so good. But he perked up. So we'll see. He's come a long way since Saturday.

It's like having another baby. Right when it eats, it poops. Every single time. It's very interesting! (What would we do without google?)

Here's our bird feeding station. It eats every few hours.

We put it back outside close to where we found it but up in the window box outside the kitchen sink window. The mother still comes to it but I don't know if she's feeding it... I tried to back off and not feed it, but then it was looking pitiful, so I resumed and it perked back up.

Anyway, back to my baby.

She's getting sooo big!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

"That's my boy..."

Do you watch Tom and Jerry? The bull dog always says, "that's my boy..." about his little bull dog. And since Teagan loves Tom and Jerry, when she dresses up like this, that particular phrase sticks in my head.


She's actually dressing up like the boy in this 'Dunston' movie she watches at Mimi's. But that's beside the point.

The point is...

I guess there was no point, other than I think it's cute when she dresses up like this.

Such a monkey!

It's a nice stray from the red tutu that she had on when her and a bunch of boys at bootcamp found a big mud puddle.

You can see Teagan just standing in the middle of it.

Those kids were dirty from head to toe, but smiling from ear to ear.

She's not afraid to get dirty, that's for sure!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Temple (almost) 7 months update

This is Temp at 5.5 months. 

Temple is not quite 7 months.  She's getting so big.  She's waving and saying Da Da, but not intentionally just yet (I don't think).  She still has some weird sleep habits, but nothing we can't snooze through.  :)  She is the most laid back baby.  She loves her lovey blanket!  She's easily distracted (nosey) while she eats.  She gently reaches for my hair and feels/plays with it.  She not-so-gently reaches and grabs for my earrings.  I love her chunky legs and little arm rolls.  She's super ticklish too!

I can't believe time has flown by so fast with her.  I'm trying to soak it all in but that's so hard to do.  

Little helpers

The girls love to help feed Temple.  (This usually means three times the mess!)  As long as they shovel it fast enough, Temple doesn't seem to mind!  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


We went fishing at the lake this past weekend. We showed up on Saturday and as soon as we got there everyone went berry picking.

My parents got there Friday night and fished Saturday morning and afternoon. So we had a fish fry Saturday night.

The kids played hard! They played along the shore line, collecting rocks and getting their feet wet.

They played in the tent (that we actually slept in).

My mom's cousin had all these fun toys for kids. Like this kite attached to a fishing pole you just reel in and out. Genius!

And this "green machine". It was too big for most of the little ones, but Pres was able to pedal...barely!

When it was time for bed, I was a little nervous about how we'd all do in a tent. We survived though. And actually all the girls slept fine. And I got *some* sleep.

The next morning bright and early we went fishing. It was windy and a little chilly.

And success!

We had a great time! Thanks, Mimi and Papa for planning it and bringing everything!