Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Lady

Presley has a new obsession. Her purse. It's a fake Luis Vuitton I bought out of the back of a car many years ago. She's been taking it everywhere!

This morning when I went to wake her up, guess what was right next to her?

Huge crocodile tears when I said she couldn't take it to school. So I let her. Darn me! She said all the sixth graders carry purses.

On pretty days Teagan, Temple, and I walk to get Presley from school and stop back by the park on the way home. Therefore, we had this today...

I have the cutest picture of her putting lipstick on (from her purse) last night at a hibachi place celebrating Poppa's birthday. But they're on my (new) big camera. Which I'm loving so far!

My goal is to take better, everyday pictures of the girls in 2012. Y'all keep me honest! 😉

Thursday, January 26, 2012


This baby is growing so fast. Looks at those cheeks!!

She hardly slept at all today and the second her sisters went to sleep, so did she!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I forgot two things the girls said on Sunday during our excursion to the zoo. When we got on the train, Teagan said loudly, "Mom, it smells like poop in here!!"

It was actually just HIGHLY offensive body odor.

Then while everyone was looking at the gorillas, who at their backs to us, Presley said annoyed, "All I can see is his buttcrack."

We don't say butt.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mid-January update

What's up around here, in numerical form. Not by order of importance!

1. BlogPress is back! It could have been user error, but it was right there in the app store tonight when I searched it. ?? Regardless, it's the best!

2. We got a new mattress! Guess who doesn't love, or even like, it? This little missy.

She had been going to sleep by me just laying her down swaddled (in the divot on my side of the bed) and walking away. And she was getting up to eat just once at 4am. First night on new mattress (which sadly has no divot), she was up somewhere between 4 and 20 times. 😔 She's really missing my divot. I'm missing her going and staying asleep so easily. Despite all that, I really enjoy our new bed.

3. Mav has an appointment with the vet tomorrow to get neutered. He's been terrible lately. Anyone need a new dog? Just kidding...kinda.

4. Three kids is a lot of kids. Wait, let me back up - sometimes I suddenly realize, I'm a mother!

5. A friend sent me this article.

I loved it. Even though it terrifies me at the same time! I need to read it every day. Maybe every five minutes.

6. We took the DART rail to the Dallas Zoo on Sunday with Addie and JJ and crew. It was fun, scary, interesting and a range of other emotions.

The zoo was fun too.

Sweet cousins. My two are the oddly dressed ones. Just FYI.

7. I've been trying to exercise.

I really enjoy running. However, it's hard to make time! (See number 4 above!). That's an excuse. I know. But it's such a good one.

8. This child o mine had three bruises on her forehead and one on her cheek. At one time.

They healed and then she got one more on her forehead. 👎

9. I gave the father of my children a talking to/guilt trip/eye opener after visiting

He's now quit this.


When Price got a new (to him) truck, he started dipping. Why? I have no clue. But a year later, he was still dipping. A lot. And really liking it. He was addicted! So he's kicking the habit. If you know him, show him some love for his efforts.

10. My special ring.

Presley picked out the most beautiful adjustable ring you've ever seen just for me for Christmas at the holiday shop that comes to her school. So sweet and thoughtful! She got Teagan a peace necklace, Dad a compass, Temple a little baby doll, and even picked up a little something for herself! 😊

11. Kenzie got a new job and started today. I secretly hope she hates it and decides to quit. But for only selfish reasons.

12. I installed the smileys on my phone. I ❤ them! They annoy Price!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Favorite pictures from Christmas 2011

Out take from our Christmas card shoot. Temple wasn't feelin' it!

Family picture with Santa at Crystal's Santa Party!

The girls in their room.

Love the love in this one.

Our first year to make ginger bread houses. It was SO fun!

Teagan feeding her Baby Alive Christmas morning. She couldn't wait for it to poop!

I found Presley enjoying her new karaoke machine while watching herself in the mirror - a favorite past time!

Christmas Eve PJ's at Aunt Shelly's.


To summarize what Presley has been doing....

The girl loves. to. color!!

"Can Willa and Dovie come over?"

Or "I want Willa and Dovie to come over!"

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Teagan says this no less than 500 times. She's even learned to call Addie herself and bug her! They usually at least come once a week, sometimes twice a week since Jay still offices in Rockwall. And we've gone to their house in the big D a time or two, too!

These three have lots of fun together as you can see!


Halloween was a crazy time of year with Temple just being born. This was when we went to Scare on the Square the weekend before Halloween. I'm so glad we did because Teagan ended up falling asleep on Halloween night and literally did not want to wake up to go trick or treating.

Presley wanted to be Stephanie from Lazy Town. Her costume was pieced together and that wig she HAD to have really pushed my postpartum hormones to the limit (or over the limit, depending on who you ask!). Teagan was Strawberry Shortcake and Madden was batman!

Later that night we went to Aunt Shelly's Halloween party. Kenzie, Manuel, and Batman joined us. Manuel and Price went as a Senior and Senorita. Usually Price and my go to costume. But apparently, I've been replaced! Yikes!

I forgot to take a picture of Temp until I got home. But she was dressed in costume too!

So here's Madden and Presley trick or treating on Halloween. Temple and Teagan were at home asleep! :( But big sister was forced to gladly shared her candy the next day!

Notice how we had more costume issues... We worked together to piece this costume together from the playroom. Next year, I'm going to insist she pick a costume from a bag from the store like Teagan did, even though hers was WAY over priced, it was worth it not to have to go through all the costume issues....

The pumpkin carving contest was fun this year!

From left to right: Price's ET , Jacqueline's 'gun to the head' , Poppa's face , Presley and my face, Heath's witch, and Shelly's baseball player.

And the winner goes to....

It really turned out cool! He got the idea from TMZ, but free handed it himself!

Teagan turned Four!

Teagan had a ballerina party this year. She picked the "theme" and it was so cute! I think all the girls enjoyed dressing up in their dance-wear! We didn't invite our boy friends, which I struggled with just because I don't like to exclude my peeps, but judging from how her two boy cousins dealt with all the girlie-ness, it was a good call.

Teagan with her yummy petite fore!

After everyone arrived, we headed into the dancing room. All the girls lined up and followed the instructors.

Teagan was a little timid at first.

She slowly warmed up.

And finally giving it her all!!

I wish the dance portion lasted a little longer, but overall it was a great party. Teagan loved it!

I can't believe that my baby is FOUR! Yes, she is still my baby! They all are!