Wednesday, September 28, 2011

38 week update

38 weeks and 1 day to be exact. And in three hours it'll be 38 weeks and 2 days. That pretty much sums up my thought process lately.

I had my 38 week appointment yesterday. I was dilated to a three and 75% effaced. (Two weeks ago I was a 2 and 50%.) So moving in the right direction.

Last week I felt horrible and finally went to the nurse practitioner for blood work. I was going to see her anyway to line up some pain pills for post delivery. (I know that doesn't make sense - homebirth with the hard stuff afterwards, but it does to me!! After I had Teagan, I used my sister's leftover pain meds from a few month's beforehand when she had Madden. And WOW, what a difference a lil vicodin can make!)

Anywho, basically I am having difficulty breathing while standing and my legs go weak after 30 seconds or so. Walking isn't as bad, but I can't really talk while I walk, and I better not have far to go! I just have to consciously breath, it doesn't come automatic. Sitting I feel fine. It's weird.

My blood work all came back fine. She called an OB who said I should go to the ER. Did not expect to hear that! So after we talked and prayed about it we decided to go, but on the way to big Baylor, I started having contractions that didn't stop.

We didn't want to roll up in labor so we tried to change activity and grabbed a bite to eat near the hospital. They continued, so we went to Harry's for some yummy custard. They still continued. So we decided to come back home. We chalked it up to God saying we didn't need to go and should go back home, it was nerves about going to a hospital and them trying to induce me or give me a c-section, or Price's driving. Take your pick. But the contractions continued until we went to sleep.

So I literally did bed rest/couch rest/sitting rest over the weekend. I did a little activity Monday. Not much at all. Alison came over and did the dishes, loads of laundry and picked up the playroom. I did a little more on Tuesday. Mom came today and I did a little more, but seriously not much. And all while sitting. Today I actually felt a little better. Still having issues, but not as bad as over the weekend.

At my appointment yesterday, Temple is still on her side so not fully posterior. She's also got at least one foot tucked under her booty, so she's taking up some major length and pushing on my diaphragm, ribs, stomach. And she's still SO high. Maybe she dropped a little today and that's why I felt better? Who knows!

Updated to add:
I wrote this last week and it never got published. So I went ahead and published even though it's mostly old news!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Guess who's enjoying an extended stay at Mimi and Papa's house?

He'll stay there until Temple makes her debut. Hallelujah!

Then and now, Part 2




I guess I can't resist taking pictures of sleeping babies.

Yo ho ho

We've been into pirates lately!

Oh rats!

The other day, we grabbed some pizza and ate at the park since it felt awesome outside!

Then it started raining a little bit and it just felt too good to leave so we found temporary shelter under the train where the girls got to play with this rat.

Don't worry, it was a pet rat named Penelope. A little girl is the owner who lives near the park so it wasn't the first time we've played with it. By 'we' I mean the girls because that tail is disgusting. I was on germX duty. Price sent pics to the fam and then forgot to tell them it was a pet rat. Needless to say, our parenting was in question. It still might be...

Then and now





Wednesday, September 21, 2011

May I?

May I take a moment to document a pregnancy memory/complain?! Everyone has been asking how I'm feeling. Well pretty much like crap!!

I've been so weak and exhausted the last few months. And its only getting worse! I thought it was my iron at first. Had to supplement with the other two, so I started that early and got an A+ when that got checked. Then I thought it was my blood sugar, but passed my glucose tolerance test that I insisted I take even though I hadn't been spilling glucose or had a big weight gain between visits (my midwives screening criteria to even do the GTT).

Now I can barely stand for any period of time without feeling like I'm going to pass out. My legs get weak and I HAVE to sit! I can walk without feeling like that but I have no stamina. Evenings aren't as bad, but are rapidly becoming like the rest of the day. It makes me really feel for people who are chronically ill. And on that note I feel silly for complaining about anything when some pregnant moms are on bed rest their entire pregnancy. I do have a light at the end of the tunnel (in addition to lil Temp) and should feel better soon.

I'm trying one last thing to try to make these last 2+ weeks more pleasurable. B12 supplements. B12 deficiency can be another type of anemia. But I read that it can take up to 2 months to replenish and get rid of symptoms. So we'll see.

Another thing is at the last appointment with Tina, she said Temple is trying to go posterior. So she gave me some exercises to do and recommended going to the chiropractor to try to get her in a more favorable position. Then it all came back to me! Presley was posterior (came out face up instead of face down). Basically it just means a harder labor and delivery. Granted the third is bound to be easier. So they say!

This is the last time I'm planning on being pregnant and I'm trying to savor these last days. But on the same token, I'm so ready to meet this little sister. Price and I both think this is going to be our brown eyed girl!

We're eager to see how much she weighs. Price calls my big babies 'gargantu babies'. I'm aiming for the 8's but mentally preparing for the 9's and praying that it's not the 10's.

So anywho, if you're the praying type, please say a couple for us!

At a glance

We sponge rolled Presley's hair for school. Can't wait to do it again! Pretty much one step away from Toddlers and Tiaras! (Do y'all watch that? Oh my!!!)

Teagan and I took a stroll one morning in our new (to us) stroller. Hand me down from my SIL. I'm not used to strollers that roll that easy. Had to learn the hard way to always use the brake. Sorry Weegie!

Saturday was busy, long but fun! We went to a fair here in town, then to a birthday party, then Octoberfest, and then met Price's fam at Kobe steaks. It was a long day and I thought I was going into labor at one point.

Dad was designated rider. This so got us in the mood for the state fair!!

Warning: if you have claustrophobia, look away. I had to look away! This was some attraction the girls had to ride!

Last but not least, my belly is hanging out of everything! I was JUST hanging around the house in this, but my clothes options are dwindling. I've only bought one Target shirt, borrowed some, and reused a lot! Thank you hoarding gene!

Speaking of hoarding, I've been hard at work washing baby clothes and getting things organized (not my strong suit). For now, we've brought the changing table in our room and are using a chest of drawers that was already in here. Still need to get the baby bed set up or bring the cradle back from storage. I also have a pack and play we could use. We haven't decided. Price installed another clothes rod in the closet. So I have lots to hang and move around. With both the older girls we worked right up to the due date. I wonder if I were to finish early, if she would come early. At this rate she'll be two weeks late!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Maverick is always where the girls are. He especially loves bath time.

Here's entitlement at it's finest.

And again with the entitlement.

Eating bubbles.

I'm sure there's more comfortable places to rest.

And just...oh hell no!

The latest on our pup is that he now sleeps in the crate at night. We've eliminated much angst and gnashing of teeth in the morning this way. He's getting a lot better at going outside on demand. He still barks a lot which is still so annoying. He's knocked out four windows in this old house. One was from sliding into it head first but the others were from going ape poop at something outside. Here's the first one from barking at the mailman.

Price nicknamed him Deputy Dipshit. And nothing could be more fitting.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

31 and 32

That's how old Price and I are now. Price being the elder. My birthday took place while I was on my blogging hiatus! So I thought I would fit it in strategically while telling about Price's birthday, which is today. But if I have to spell it all out like that, then that's not very strategic, huh?

Anywho! We went to Lone Star Park with my whole family. While I did not get a big group picture, here's what I did get! My family of four was representin' some independence day being it was July 3rd.

We were right on the glass and the kids spotted a snow cone stand outside right below us by the track. So in an effort to kill some time while we waited for the fireworks which didn't start until after dark, we ventured down there through the crowds and braved the stifling heat to get these munchkins some shaved ice.

That was the best shot I got! Fireworks were awesome! If you're ever looking for a great firework show you can watch from a cool seat, you can't get much better! Oh and to top it off, Price actually won some races and came home with over five hundred dollars!

So today was Price's birthday. He started it off taking his little big girl to preschool. He predicted a category 1 when we dropped her off, but she was such a big girl and walked right in without so much as a slight hesitation! We were so proud!

He then had to work. Boooo, and also thank you! After work, he wanted to take the girls fishing again. Something to do with some country song... Of course the girls were game!

Presley put this skirt on because she wanted to "match the birthday boy". She was very into fishing and really wanted to catch one. But it wasn't in the cards this time.

Teagan preferred throwing rocks, playing with the dirt, sticking her hands in the mud, and making a trip to the bathroom.

We left Mav at home this time, so I could help a little more, but I was like Teagan, and ADD'd out.

I wanted to do a family shadow shot, but could only recruit my fellow ADDer, Teagan.

So after dinner, bath, and bedtime, the highlight of his day was about to start - opening game of football season. And this is what I have to look forward to for 16 more weeks!

Price watching the game, with his laptop open to his fantasy football league so he can quickly pick up players, with his phone nearby so he can talk trash with his fellow leaguers.

Happy birthday, Babe! I love you lots!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My little big girl

Here's some of what me and Weegs have been doing.

Playing. (She carried a full 12pack of diet coke from the kitchen to put under her grocery cart like we do at the grocery store.)


A little park action. (She picked out her shirt, bow, and shoes this day.)

More puzzles.

Errands. (In Sister's car seat, of course!)

And even more puzzles!

One thing I haven't taken a picture of her doing is watching tv. She's weaning nicely. She gets a fix in the morning and another in the late afternoon.

Both girls have been horrible at getting in our bed in the wee hours every single night. Some nights before I've even fallen asleep. We've been letting them sleep with us on the weekends since P started kindergarten. They love to and I'm sure the reason we let them has to do with all the nostalgia I mentioned a few days ago. That's the only thing that makes good sense. Because four folks (and one big o' pregnancy pillow) in one bed sure the hell doesn't! Anyway, my point is this is how Teagan was sleeping the other morning when I got up.

In a pregnancy pillow cocoon!

She starts back to preschool tomorrow. Hopefully she'll do well with the drop off! That's the hardest part for her. Her teachers were awesome with her on Tuesday so I'm sure she'll be fine!

Monday, September 5, 2011

My babies

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. These two have a close bond. They've slept in the same bed since they were 3.5 and 2 years old and we have no plans of separating them anytime soon. Most nights it takes them a while to stop talking/fighting/playing/requesting things and actually go to sleep. One particular night they were talking and it was taking a while and Price went to go listen at the door and he heard.

T: I'm scared, Sister.
P: I'll hold you, Teags.

My babies!!! I don't know why I'm feeling so nostalgic right now. Maybe because Temple will be here in five weeks (or before), Presley's in big school now, and I've had a lot of one-on-one time with Teagan in the last two weeks and have just marveled at what a big girl she is!

This may be no big deal, but she can do major, 100 piece puzzles like a champ! That's big around our house.

I've missed this sleepy-headed, too-talkative-for-the-morning child over the last two weeks.

I've missed leisure mornings all together! They start off with a bang (or an alarm) and don't stop! All day! On one hand it's nice to start the day early and get going. But it's also nice to have nowhere to go and nothing to do! That's the lazy in me!

So speaking of my babies. This summer we went to the beach with Price's family and we snuck some pictures in one evening. This is just one of me and Price showing the (much smaller) baby bump, aka lil Temp.

I need to still edit the other ones of the girls with their cousins. So cute! Will share soon. There was some really sweet ones!