Wednesday, September 28, 2011

38 week update

38 weeks and 1 day to be exact. And in three hours it'll be 38 weeks and 2 days. That pretty much sums up my thought process lately.

I had my 38 week appointment yesterday. I was dilated to a three and 75% effaced. (Two weeks ago I was a 2 and 50%.) So moving in the right direction.

Last week I felt horrible and finally went to the nurse practitioner for blood work. I was going to see her anyway to line up some pain pills for post delivery. (I know that doesn't make sense - homebirth with the hard stuff afterwards, but it does to me!! After I had Teagan, I used my sister's leftover pain meds from a few month's beforehand when she had Madden. And WOW, what a difference a lil vicodin can make!)

Anywho, basically I am having difficulty breathing while standing and my legs go weak after 30 seconds or so. Walking isn't as bad, but I can't really talk while I walk, and I better not have far to go! I just have to consciously breath, it doesn't come automatic. Sitting I feel fine. It's weird.

My blood work all came back fine. She called an OB who said I should go to the ER. Did not expect to hear that! So after we talked and prayed about it we decided to go, but on the way to big Baylor, I started having contractions that didn't stop.

We didn't want to roll up in labor so we tried to change activity and grabbed a bite to eat near the hospital. They continued, so we went to Harry's for some yummy custard. They still continued. So we decided to come back home. We chalked it up to God saying we didn't need to go and should go back home, it was nerves about going to a hospital and them trying to induce me or give me a c-section, or Price's driving. Take your pick. But the contractions continued until we went to sleep.

So I literally did bed rest/couch rest/sitting rest over the weekend. I did a little activity Monday. Not much at all. Alison came over and did the dishes, loads of laundry and picked up the playroom. I did a little more on Tuesday. Mom came today and I did a little more, but seriously not much. And all while sitting. Today I actually felt a little better. Still having issues, but not as bad as over the weekend.

At my appointment yesterday, Temple is still on her side so not fully posterior. She's also got at least one foot tucked under her booty, so she's taking up some major length and pushing on my diaphragm, ribs, stomach. And she's still SO high. Maybe she dropped a little today and that's why I felt better? Who knows!

Updated to add:
I wrote this last week and it never got published. So I went ahead and published even though it's mostly old news!

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