Wednesday, September 21, 2011

At a glance

We sponge rolled Presley's hair for school. Can't wait to do it again! Pretty much one step away from Toddlers and Tiaras! (Do y'all watch that? Oh my!!!)

Teagan and I took a stroll one morning in our new (to us) stroller. Hand me down from my SIL. I'm not used to strollers that roll that easy. Had to learn the hard way to always use the brake. Sorry Weegie!

Saturday was busy, long but fun! We went to a fair here in town, then to a birthday party, then Octoberfest, and then met Price's fam at Kobe steaks. It was a long day and I thought I was going into labor at one point.

Dad was designated rider. This so got us in the mood for the state fair!!

Warning: if you have claustrophobia, look away. I had to look away! This was some attraction the girls had to ride!

Last but not least, my belly is hanging out of everything! I was JUST hanging around the house in this, but my clothes options are dwindling. I've only bought one Target shirt, borrowed some, and reused a lot! Thank you hoarding gene!

Speaking of hoarding, I've been hard at work washing baby clothes and getting things organized (not my strong suit). For now, we've brought the changing table in our room and are using a chest of drawers that was already in here. Still need to get the baby bed set up or bring the cradle back from storage. I also have a pack and play we could use. We haven't decided. Price installed another clothes rod in the closet. So I have lots to hang and move around. With both the older girls we worked right up to the due date. I wonder if I were to finish early, if she would come early. At this rate she'll be two weeks late!

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