Thursday, January 28, 2010

I try to resist...

...reality television. Really all television. I hate to get sucked in and the time that's wasted on it, you just can't get back. So, if Price is watching something, I'll catch a bit here and there while I'm doing other things (laundry, picking up, tending to the wee ones). So, in this house, I tend to watch what Price watches and sometimes, even though I try to resist, I sometimes get sucked in. The latest show that he has gotten me hooked on, and I have had to actually spend time going back and watching it from the beginning is...

...Jersey Shore. (*shame*)

And this guy, Pauly D, one of the cast members, reminds me of someone!

I'm coming to the conclusion that I may have married a man who was at one time a guido! Just take a look!

I had to scan these pictures in and they weren't great to begin with. BUT, it shows you what Price's hair looked like when we first started dating in March of '99. Just like Pauly D's!!! Can you believe that Price and I have been together for almost 11 years!! Fist pumps!! Anywho, just like Pauly D, Price got a lot of flak about his one of a kind hair style. But it was among one of the many things that made me fall in love with him. Love ya, babe!

Spring Cleaning

Well I don't know what's come over me, but I've been enjoying cleaning lately. I know, I should get immediate transport to an urgent care facility.

Because I can't write anything without including all the mundane details, let me back up. We live in an old house. The living room is large and has big picture windows and door openings on every wall, so arranging furniture in there has been a pure bred B. Especially when you are making hand-me-downs work for the space. (They are great hand-me-downs and I love them, don't get me wrong, but we didn't purchase these pieces for the space, ya know?) So anywho, it all started when I moved the furniture around for the, at least, 20th time since we lived here. BUT, I think we have a winner!! I even hung stuff on the walls to make it official. Because I was finally there! And it felt good!! (giggle)

So that always gets me in the mood! So then I decided I would try to arrange the things on my hutch for the 21st time. That project didn't turn out very well STILL!! (Anyone have tips to getting things arranged on your hutch?)

But what it did help me do, get rid of some stuff and get things organized. I started putting stuff on my dining room table that was going to the resale shop. So then I cleaned out my hutch, my buffet (which both serve as junk holders with a couple dishes thrown in for good measure), my hallway picture closet, my kitchen drawers, the hallway closet, and the top (and somewhat of the bottom) of the girl's closet. I still have places to clean and organize and stuff to get rid of, but I am making progress and now when I get out a spatula, I'm darn excited about it!!

And I forgot! The biggest motivator on this whole thing! A couple weeks before the 20th take on the arrangement of living room furniture, me and Price cleaned out our closet and drawers and got rid of a lot. And oh my gracious! It felt and looked so good and now it's a JOY to get dressed. Don't get me wrong, I still love to hang in my PJs all day, but it's so nice to go in there!!

All the organization kind of even helps me to keep the house clean and picked up. For me, that's huge! But please note, I did say 'kind of', I'm not saying I'm cured of my house cleaning procrastination!

P.S. I put a golf glove that came out of the junk drawer in the kitchen in a pile for Price to put up. Evidently, Price, a.k.a. Big Stuffer, stuffed it in another place (in a place I hadn't yet cleaned out, but still) that wasn't his golf bag, which is clearly the place a golf glove should reside. But no!!! Big Stuffer and me are going to chat because there is nothing more maddening than finding one of his nicely stuffed, stuff jobs! :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Football Movie"

Teagan has adopted another movie that she loves, The Sandlot. Minus the few, but lovely choice words throughout it, it's a great movie. She calls it the "football movie".

So the girls have enjoyed the bat and baseball hat lately.

oh, that's bad!!

This year, we went to a 'bad sweater' Christmas party. It was a lot of fun - from shopping for a bad sweater to hanging out with friends. We had a great time! Price and I went to a thrift store which should be renamed to "Bad Sweater Paradise" because the options were endless. Price's sweater was actually a plus sized woman's sweater that had sequins all over it. After a few hours spent on it, we got them all off the front only. And this picture you can still see some on his shoulder.

Group shot of all the bad!

Us with our white elephant gift exchange gifts - Price got the lottery tickets (there were no winners) and our slippers. We felt bad, because we brought gifts from our house which were CRAP-PY! Notice Price ditched the bad sweater as did most everyone else, except me. Mine was comfy!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Me Time

What's going on with me in lists:
  1. I'm so enjoying my 'me time' in the pm.
  2. My calves, in their lactic acid state, do not allow me to tip toe around the house while they are sleeping however.
  3. I did not work out today even though Presley said I want to watch the movie that jumps. It was cute but I said NO!!
  4. I'm totally having issues with 'wanting' right now. Usually when I start wanting, I can turn it off in a few days. But this time I'm having a hard time. I need to pray for contentment tonight.
  5. I'm watching Heroes online while I type this while I'm laying comfortably in bed (awesomeness!!) and there's a totally ridiculous scene going on. Some would say the whole show is ridiculous, but I like super power stuff. I'm only like 8 episodes behind!
  6. Presley is finally better and going to be going back to school.
  7. Teagan didn't have a nap today and maintained a pleasant demeanor all day!
  8. I tried to dye some lap shades in the washing machine today for my niece and the material literally dissolved and the metal parts scratched up my washer! DIY project bombed!
  9. My CALVES!!
  10. I had a moment of weakness at Sonic today... The good news, I got a grilled chicken wrap, the bad news, I ate half the fries from the girls' kids meal. And they were delicious!

Ten things took me a while and I like to end on even. Here's to enjoying your 'you time'

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


(and by omg, i mean 'oh my gosh'. just for the record!)

At my family's white elephant gift exchange that we celebrate on new year's day each year, I already selected my gift and on Hubby's turn, I asked him to steal two work out videos. My thinking was a) we already vowed to eat good in 2010 and b) it's always good to have that type of thing available, you know just in case you get the urge to stimulate the ol' heart and c) it was the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred that I had heard so much about on Big Mama's blog. So he reluctantly stole it for me. So we took home a pretty glass jar full of Hershey kisses and two work out videos. (I thought that was kinda ironic.)

So anywho, I've had a bad crick in my neck for about two weeks. A visit to the chiropractor, a number of pain pills, lots of advil liquid gels, and bootin' the kids out of our bed later, it's finally gotten a little better. I felt like today was the day to break out the 30 day shred. (And by the way, it's going to take more like 90 days to 180+.)

I really don't know what I was thinking. I still had my PJ's on so I just threw a sports bra on and started. Hand weights and an exercise mat were needed. I couldn't find my hand weights I haven't used in 8+ years, so I grabbed two cans of baked beans and an afghan for my makeshift workout mat. I don't know why I didn't feel the need to put on tennis shoes, but I didn't.

Which brings us to the 'omg'. My lower leg is SOOO sore already! I don't even want to think about how it's going to feel tomorrow and the next day which usually gets worse before it gets better. I blaming the immediate pain in my lower legs on working out with no shoes, but technically it could be because I haven't worked out since....(sigh)...I can't even remember when. I mean I've gone on fast walks not too long ago, but nothing like trying to 'shred' pounds and get chiseled. (hehe)

Now I'm not even sure that my tennis shoes that I had this morning would have even helped. I started thinking about it and my main pair I wear 97% of the time, I got when Pres was like 6 months old or something. That's three years ago!! The other pair I wear on occasion because they are somehow a little less dingy looking, Hubby gave me for our two year wedding anniversary! (Romantic, I know!! But it was a thoughtful gift because I needed some at the time.) So those are 4 and a half years old.

So me and the girls made a trip to the sporting goods store and found a pair that were nice looking, comfortable, and were 50% off the lowest ticketed price. SOLD! (They could have been ugly and uncomfortable and I would have still got them, I'm such a sucker for clearance items that are marked down even more!!) We also picked up some pink wiffle balls that we had some fun with in the living room. I'm just glad they aren't great batters just yet!!

Anywho, wish me luck in my efforts to shred. Tomorrow, if I can muster up the energy to try it again, I'm going wear shoes. And I might also eat before hand because afterwards I felt like I was going to throw up and pass out.

In other words, I have a long way to go!! :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Teagan has arrived"!

Last night we made an impromptu trip to the movies to see "New Moon." Price rented Twilight the other night and we watched it and were eager to see the second one. The second one was soo good. I'm such a sucker for all that special power stuff. The romance BS was a little much and got on my nerves a tad. (Price calls me a "dude" sometimes since I'm not very girlie most of the time sometimes. This was one of those times.) Anywho, I think I want to read the series because I can't wait until Nov to see the third one and know what happens!!

So anyway, back to the reason of this post (hello, too-many-details!). So we were in a hurry to get the girls to my parents and get to the movie on time. So we literally did a baby drop on the front porch and hauled A. (hehe!)

Presley had cried the whole way there saying she wanted to go to the movies with us. Teagan was such a good girl and was just happy as could be. So I thought she didn't know what was going on. Well she didn't protest one single grunt when we did the drop off. (And lil P was over it too once we got there, just for the record.) And the last time we dropped them off, Teagan had waved her fork at us and said "bye-bye Mama Daddy". (Mimi had made something she doesn't get around here often - fresh homemade dinner!! (more on resolutions soon!))

(oh my goodness with the details! I just can't help myself...)

If you know me or followed my blog(s) much, then you know Teagan has always been somewhat of a...mama's girl to the 522nd power, to put it nicely! We couldn't leave her without her crying the whole time since birth. Then she'd only cry half the time once she was a little older. She didn't really like anyone but me for a long time. She just tolerated everyone else and only when she absolutely had to!

So when we got back to Mimi and Papa's house, Presley had made herself comfortable sitting with Papa in his chair and Teagan was playing. My dad proudly said "Teagan has arrived". She didn't cry at all, not even once, and was such a good girl the whole time!!

This is a milestone people! And I couldn't be more proud and excited!

Presley loves to hold her like a baby. But the reality is that she is a big girl. Her complete sentences make me smile and the way she talks makes me giggle out loud!

Here's her lip swollen and bruised from a fall at the park that made her nose bleed. And anytime she here's "nose bleed". She has to say "bonkied nose at the park. It hurt." The kid doesn't forget things!

Another curler picture.

Dancing and being extremely happy. Such a pleasure to see!

No more highchair for this wee one. She prefers the bench seat. She's just patiently waiting for her cereal. Crazy hair and all!!

What I love!!

When the girls lay down for nap time, I grab a hot drink and head to the computer. Sometimes it's a "spot of tea" and sometimes it's a microwaved cup of coffee. Today I opted for no caffeine and had some hot chocolate. It was delicious.

And lately since it's been so cold, I grab my snuggie we got for Christmas that I've kept at the computer and throw it on. (I really don't get the snuggie. Like I heard someone say, "why not wear your robe backwards?" And I really don't appreciate the static. But it's been nice!! And I'm liking it more and more!)

Hot cup of something + snuggie + quiet house + computer = my happy place!! What's your happy place??

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crazy Christmas Hair!

We had a great Christmas season! After a late night the night before we had to wake the girls up Christmas morning and put a slight rush on things so we could be only slightly late to Christmas morning at my sister's house with my family. (Mmmm, I can still taste those "Slap your brains out biscuits" my dad made - that's seriously the name of the recipe. Can you tell we've been eating good around here lately? Therefore, if it's greasy/fattening/loaded with preservatives and high in sugar, I want to eat it!!! More on our resolutions soon!)

I forgot to get a shot of all that Santa left for the girls! But this tent was one of the things. The girls love stuff like that!

Winter Princesses

This was a fun family outing at Santa's Villages. It was free and it was a great, cool night (not cold) spent with one another and great friends!

Here's Teagan loving the other girls her size! She plays so well with others! Ms. Claus just gave everyone a cookie!

The girls with a real princess! (Yes, these pink coats were also hand-me-downs!!)

Family pic!

Thanks MP and Robyn for inviting us out with the kiddies!