Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Well I don't know what's come over me, but I've been enjoying cleaning lately. I know, I should get immediate transport to an urgent care facility.

Because I can't write anything without including all the mundane details, let me back up. We live in an old house. The living room is large and has big picture windows and door openings on every wall, so arranging furniture in there has been a pure bred B. Especially when you are making hand-me-downs work for the space. (They are great hand-me-downs and I love them, don't get me wrong, but we didn't purchase these pieces for the space, ya know?) So anywho, it all started when I moved the furniture around for the, at least, 20th time since we lived here. BUT, I think we have a winner!! I even hung stuff on the walls to make it official. Because I was finally there! And it felt good!! (giggle)

So that always gets me in the mood! So then I decided I would try to arrange the things on my hutch for the 21st time. That project didn't turn out very well STILL!! (Anyone have tips to getting things arranged on your hutch?)

But what it did help me do, get rid of some stuff and get things organized. I started putting stuff on my dining room table that was going to the resale shop. So then I cleaned out my hutch, my buffet (which both serve as junk holders with a couple dishes thrown in for good measure), my hallway picture closet, my kitchen drawers, the hallway closet, and the top (and somewhat of the bottom) of the girl's closet. I still have places to clean and organize and stuff to get rid of, but I am making progress and now when I get out a spatula, I'm darn excited about it!!

And I forgot! The biggest motivator on this whole thing! A couple weeks before the 20th take on the arrangement of living room furniture, me and Price cleaned out our closet and drawers and got rid of a lot. And oh my gracious! It felt and looked so good and now it's a JOY to get dressed. Don't get me wrong, I still love to hang in my PJs all day, but it's so nice to go in there!!

All the organization kind of even helps me to keep the house clean and picked up. For me, that's huge! But please note, I did say 'kind of', I'm not saying I'm cured of my house cleaning procrastination!

P.S. I put a golf glove that came out of the junk drawer in the kitchen in a pile for Price to put up. Evidently, Price, a.k.a. Big Stuffer, stuffed it in another place (in a place I hadn't yet cleaned out, but still) that wasn't his golf bag, which is clearly the place a golf glove should reside. But no!!! Big Stuffer and me are going to chat because there is nothing more maddening than finding one of his nicely stuffed, stuff jobs! :)

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