Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Me Time

What's going on with me in lists:
  1. I'm so enjoying my 'me time' in the pm.
  2. My calves, in their lactic acid state, do not allow me to tip toe around the house while they are sleeping however.
  3. I did not work out today even though Presley said I want to watch the movie that jumps. It was cute but I said NO!!
  4. I'm totally having issues with 'wanting' right now. Usually when I start wanting, I can turn it off in a few days. But this time I'm having a hard time. I need to pray for contentment tonight.
  5. I'm watching Heroes online while I type this while I'm laying comfortably in bed (awesomeness!!) and there's a totally ridiculous scene going on. Some would say the whole show is ridiculous, but I like super power stuff. I'm only like 8 episodes behind!
  6. Presley is finally better and going to be going back to school.
  7. Teagan didn't have a nap today and maintained a pleasant demeanor all day!
  8. I tried to dye some lap shades in the washing machine today for my niece and the material literally dissolved and the metal parts scratched up my washer! DIY project bombed!
  9. My CALVES!!
  10. I had a moment of weakness at Sonic today... The good news, I got a grilled chicken wrap, the bad news, I ate half the fries from the girls' kids meal. And they were delicious!

Ten things took me a while and I like to end on even. Here's to enjoying your 'you time'

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