Thursday, February 23, 2012

Will work for boots!

Anyone on instagram? I just got on. I love it! Taylorpointer is my user name if you want to follow me. I'm just figuring everything out. But anywho, I posted these pictures already there but wanted to post here too.

On Tuesday the girls and I met their cousin Cash, Aunt Shelly and Uncle Heath, who owns Cowboy Cool, out in Dallas to shoot a new line of kid's boots and accessories.

And omg the cuteness! These are pics from my phone that I added a couple different filters on in instagram.

I know you can hardly see their boots in these but you can see how cute they looked and how much fun they had. Presley didn't want to stop taking pictures and Teagan did awesome. All three of them had glowing reports from the crew of how well behaved they were! We got to keep the pink boots. Now if I can only get them to wear em!

I can't wait to see the pics on the website!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


This reminds me of my own childhood.

When I was their age, I would go to my grandma's house, immediately go to her closet, put on her high heels, grad the purse that perfectly matched, and prance around the house like such a young lady. The only difference was I would stuff the purse with toothpicks and pretend to smoke them like cigarettes.

Christmas Picture

I love this picture more and more each day!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

More exersaucer fun!

Does Temple not look like she's wearing a toupee?

History repeats itself! :)

Valentine's Day

Tuesday was a busy day! Teagan's party was a morning party with donuts! I thought parents were invited, but none were in there when I dropped her off late, so I didn't stay.

Sidenote: I had found the big girls' shirts at Target. So when I was perusing Old Navy's clearance section and found a Hello Kitty Valentine's shirt, I snatched it up "speedy quick" (as Junie B. Jones says). You can tell what we've been reading lately!

Anywho, of all my three children, Temp has been my drooliest!!

So come 1:00, it was time to go to Presley's Valentine's party. Did I mention I'm the room mom? I don't know what it says about me, but I stress out over the most...tivial/mundane things in life. Like a kindergarten party. Really, self? We did a fun little craft, had sundae's, and then the kids opened their valentine's. It was a success!

So after everyone was back home, I snapped a few pictures of the girls in their valentine's day shirts. This is about all I got!

Love this one!

Tempy's new smile!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Don't ask me...

Because I haven't a clue!

Chunky monkey

And we rocked a pony tail the other day. Loves.

Pizza night

I'm trying to get back to cooking every night. Since Temple was born, I kinda got lazy. (Well first I got spoiled by wonderful friends and family bringing food!)

Let me back up. Actually cooking is the easy part. It's the events leading up to cooking thats hard for me right now. Oh, how I wish groceries would just appear in my fridge and pantry...

So. Where was I? Oh. While grocery shopping without a list, without a plan, just hoping recipes would come to me mid-aisle the other day, I saw pizza crusts, marinara, and pepperonis all in one section. I did have to go back and grab some mozzarella cheese, but thought homemade pizzas would be a fun, easy meal.

Last night was the night. Once the girls came in and we washed the worms and dirt off their hands (gulp), they helped me create two yummy pizzas, I like to call Heart Burn Pie!

Teagan made a "girl pizza".

Presley went with a more traditional extra cheese.

Maybe if I do it again I'll get all crazy and buy another ingredient. But like I said, that takes forethought and I possess none!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Patio weather

We went and ate Mexican food on the patio tonight. Mama needed out of the house! And some chips and salsa. (And an adult beverage! ☺).

The big girls found this intimate table for two and set up shop.

They eventually converged on our basket of chips.

We came home watched some America's Funniest Videos all piled in the bed and then put them promptly to sleep since Presley was "tired" when she got home from school today. Or was it when she woke up this morning?


This is how Temp loves to sleep! With her lovey up almost covering her face.

So sweet!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Temple is 3.5 months. Oh my goodness. She couldn't be a better baby. She is so go-with-the-flow. I can generally lay her down awake when she's tired and she'll go to sleep. Not always, but for the most part.

I'll admit, she hasn't had much tummy time (or any) but today I laid her on her tummy and she rolled over to her back almost immediately. She's not a big fan of the tummy time though. She does like her swing and bouncy seat, so she spends some good time there.

Anywho, this was yesterday when I put real clothes on her! (Thanks again, Carole for the cute dress!) I find it hard to dress her in anything but pajamas because I just feel like she's uncomfortable! But look how cute!

Honey got us these cute shoes!! Thanks, Honey! We've been sporting them all over town!

Wasn't long before big sisters wanted in on the action! The more the merrier!

Morning fun

While I drink my coffee and take my time getting going for the day, I'll often play with Teagan in the playroom. This particular morning, she was having a birthday party for her "rCarley" bear. She calls it rCarley, instead of iCarley. Anywho, we were in no short supply of sweets, as you can see.

Snuggling with lil Temp. She was just about ready to go back to sleep!

Teagan requested a "family picture" with her bears. The blue bear used to be named Mike Wazouski (from Monsters, Inc.) but has been changed to just Max. rCarley has a pair of the girl's bloomers on and Temple's shoes.

A few tidbits about Teagan lately.

She was the star student at school a couple weeks ago. They asked a list of questions and then she got to take her favorite book and favorite toy. She chose a book we hadn't read yet they just had gotten for Christmas. I said, "That's your favorite? Well let's at least read it first!"

And then one of the questions was, What's your favorite part of the day? She answered, "waking up and going to school". That's odd since every morning she asks, do I have school today? And when I say yes, she screams and crys, "I don't WANT to go to school. I HATE school." I was like uhhhh.... (I usually let her get a little cartoon time in, and then she's fine.)

A little boy in Presley's class had played with her and a few of the other girls in Presley's class at Presley's Christmas party. He was tickling them and making them laugh and squeal! Well Teagan talked about him tickling her ever since! Well today he made a point to tell Teagan hi today when we went to pick Presley up and oh. my. word. She talked about it all afternoon!

She's still a firecracker and raises a stink when she doesn't get things exactly the way she wants it. But that's life. Sorry kid. It's just the level she takes it that makes you want to give her her way so that she doesn't go there. And sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. And sometimes she has a great day or a great morning of not throwing huge fits. All that to say, we're working on her self control and controlling her impulses. It's not easy for her. But sometimes, she'll choose not to run off screaming and instead she'll say, "ooooookaaay." And I can see her using that self control. I really praise those moments.

On that note, we started a bean jar. When they fill it up they can choose to go somewhere or pick out a special toy or something. But I'm not sure we're using it right....

Little Lady, part 2

So, my new camera has no flash, and it was pretty dark. But I like how the pictures turned out.

Presley is ALL girl! Notice her ring and bracelet.

Getting it just right!

Happy 62nd birthday to Poppa!

You can see our stroller in the distance. Yeah, it smelled stunk like stale hibachi for several days...