Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

In October (early, mid, late? I can't remember!) we went to Owen's Farm with some good friends, Jennifer (or Weezer, as the girls call her, I don't know why) and her two kiddos - Jacob and Allie, and April and Cowan.

This was our attempt at a group shot. Or my favorite of our attempts at a group shot!

Here's the barrel ride. Allie and Teagan wanted to sit together. Even though Teagan has a mad crush on Jacob. She is always very excited to hang with him. And of course he is super sweet to her!

And here's Jacob and Presley. (A boy jumped in with Presley last minute and I don't know if she tooted or what...)

And here's the Pointer sisters before we fed the hungry goats.

We had fun and I know the girls did too! Thanks Jenn and April for a fun afternoon!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Child labor laws

My dishwasher is broken. Talk about impaired motivation to cook! Last night for dinner I had a small serving of macaroni and cheese, half a six inch left over subway sandwich, and a cut up cucumber waiting for Price when he got home. Bon appetit!

Presley doesn't mind picking up the slack though!

What she misses, I catch on the rinse!

Mostly she plays and I contain major messes, but that's what I do pretty much all day every day.

Pre-K Party

Ain't no party like a pre-K party, cuz a pre-K party don't stop...

Pres had her fall party last week. Kind of early, but it just gets us ready for Halloween and spreads it all out a bit.

The pirate got in on the action.

The 'sting bug' was all smiles (she was star student that week, so that along with the fun party, made for an exciting school week for her).

Teagan went to gymnastics dressed up as a pirate! (I'm clearly way too accommodating!)

We thought a pirate by the rope was fitting, a'hoy mate!


When we go to Addie's house, Willa and Dovie have a 'perch' as Alison likes to call it, where they watch TV.

My girls got in on the perch (on separate days)!

They know a good spot to watch tv when they see one! So cute! It's amazing how much longer Presley's legs are than the babes.


This past weekend, I took the girls to Great Clips and had their hair trimmed. It was Teagan's first professional haircut and Presley's second. It drives Price crazy when I trim their hair myself, but seriously can you mess it up when you're just snipping the ends. And honestly, after spending $30 and it not looking magically different from when I do it, I think I'll invest in better scissors and develop my skill. Anywho!

Pres enjoyed it!

And poor Teagan was terrified! I had to hold her hand under the cape the whole time! I let go once to try to snap a picture thinking she was okay to carry on by herself, and she was quick to let me know otherwise.

She finally cracked one smile probably when she realized it was almost over!

Safety first

Cookies can be dangerous!

But at your age, you needn't worry!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


The girls embracing their masculine side!

Donut Birthday Party

Teagan is turning three this week and yesterday we had an early-morning-wear-your-PJs Donut Party for her. When you asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday she said she wanted "donuts and a pinata".

So we started off with some donuts and kilaches.

Then we sang the birthday song and she blew out her candles on her donut cake. Wasn't quite the look I was going for, somehow my flash got turned off on this series of pictures.

Here's another shot of the cute donut cake, but even this picture doesn't do it justice. Williams-Sonoma has the cutes donut cake mold.

After no one ate any cake (who could blame them, they were plenty sugared up on donuts), we moved on to the pinata. May the season of candy begin!! My sister made the pinata and me and my mom decorated it. So I was a little apprehensive about how hard we could hit it. So we didn't give the kids much of a chance to hit it, but many got a second turn. Turns out it was made WELL! We finally had to rip that sucker apart with our bare hands!

Then we moved on to the presents. But this picture is actually the only picture that I took of the treat boxes. We filled donut boxes with party favors and an apple. I printed stickers for them with a cute picture of Teagan and a word of thanks. You can see them on the table really, really small with no detail whatsoever! (My picture taking at this party lacked. And my little camera is officially dead to me!)

Love this one of Teagan opening presents with tissue paper flying!

The party was successful! Even desite Teagan spilling chocolate milk on her PJ's before we even got to the party, busting her lip playing rough with her cousin, Madden, while setting up, me putting the wrong address on the invitation (SO sorry to Mike, who brough his three boys by himself from an hour away and was lost the longest), and it being rainy and nasty outside. Thank you to everyone who came and made Teagan's birthday a celebration!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


That's what the girls call Chuck E Cheese. I think they really think they're on a first name basis with that little rodent.

We had been on a little Chucky break. And clearly distance made the heart grow fonder. Who thought that was even possible!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


But because they love it SO much, I'm choosing to get over it!

My parents started this project for Presley's birthday. (When it was hotter than blazes outside!) Price and I (almost) finished it and it's just in time for Teagan's birthday and to be enjoyed in this beautiful weather! Once we get some material on top and it's 100% finished, I'll post some more pictures! Until then, I'll just be sweeping my floors and dusting sand off the furniture.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A few months back my sister-in-law sent Presley's birthday invitation in to the Campbell Agency. She and her husband have and still work for that agency. They actually met there when they were 19. Anywho, fast forward to present day and look who got a spot on the JCPenny wall this holiday season!

Miss Teagan!

So neat to see and such a CUTE picture of her! If you're in or near a JCPenny, check her out! Hopefully we'll get more gigs! The big ages are 3 and 5. So Presley is in the middle of that and hasn't gotten many calls. But when she does, she's ready!! She was very proud for her sister this time!

Monday, October 11, 2010

First day of school Pre-Kindergarten

Just downloaded these pictures on my computer! I've been bad about relying on my phone's camera!

Here's Pres all ready for her first day of school. I wish I could say that she's loving it and things are great, but the last couple of weeks, she's been throwing major fits about not wanting to go to school - at home and during the drop off at the room. And pretty much I've left upset every time too (and embarrassed - that she threw a major fit and that I can't hold it together, even though I did until after she couldn't see me). :( It's just not like her. It happened slightly last year when the newness of school wore off. But NOT like this year! Her teachers say she calms down after a couple minutes and then has a great day. The only thing she's said is that she doesn't want to go because she doesn't know her letters. Which she does know a lot more than she gives herself credit for knowing. I've talk with the director and some friends, and here's what we've come up with:
  • she doesn't want to miss what me and Teagan are doing
  • being firstborn, they tend to be perfectionists and if they can't do something they don't even want to try
  • she's one of the younger ones in the class
  • most of the kids in her class have moved up together the last three years (only three kids are in her class from last year out of 18)

We've been working on her letters more at home. She's actually more interested lately, so that's good! And I may have bribed her with a special surprise if she has a good morning tomorrow.

At least she was happy and excited for the first day! Although when we rounded that corner and she saw a hallway of moms and kids, her excitement and confidence waned. And then again when it was time to go through the doorway. Broke my heart to see her like that. This is the child that wants give every kid at the water park one of her silly bands. The child doesn't know a stranger. So I had to cry a little that day too! What's wrong with me??

Sporting a new and bigger backpack this year!

Getting her ready for school is another story! She turns into a pre-Madonna and is very opinionated for a four year old. I don't remember being like that. EVER!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Yesterday I had plans to meet my internship friends to make necklaces! So before I left, the girls and I got out some little girl beads to string. They enjoyed it!

And here's what Mama came home with! One for me and one for each of my babes.

And here's Teagan modeling hers this morning!

And this morning, Presley made me this special little number.

I can't wait to make more now that I know how! And my little helpers are always ready to help (and make a mess)!