Thursday, March 31, 2011


We have some big news around these parts. Presley's gonna give you a few hints.

At Chickfala.

Playing outside.

Playing around the house. (That's a handmade baby sling over her shoulder she made out of a baby blanket and rubberbands.)

This one takes the cake though.

She said "I'm breast feeding my baby."

(She's a little bit obsessed!)

Yes, you guessed it, Teagan's no longer going to be *just* a little sister!

After we told the girls, I didn't know if Teagan quite got it. But then a couple days later, her and Presley were playing Big Sister and Baby where Teagan was the big sister. Usually they just play Mama and Baby where Teagan is the baby.

I know I'm going to have two good helpers and two great big sisters!

I'm due October 11th and I'm trying to talk Price into not finding out this one's gender and let it be a surprise. It'll be hard, but how fun is that? He's made it clear we are done after this :( and I just want to hang on and savor every minute of it! And not knowing just adds a level of wonder and excitement that you can't recreate anywhere else. What's 20 more weeks? (That's what I keep asking him.)

Anyway, we're excited! I want to maybe share Presley and Teagan's birth stories soon. Presley's was a little more eventful than Teagan's, whose was so fast there wasn't time for many events. I'm hoping this one will be fast too!

We're planning on delivering at home again with our midwife, Tina whose birth center is called Heavenly Hands Birth Center, which she just opened in downtown Rockwall but she's been in the business for many years first starting out as a doula. She delivered both of the girls here at the house. Presley's was a 'land' birth and Teagan had a water birth. I'm thinking we'll try another water birth. But as always the plan is to have no plan, but just go with whatever works at that time!

Anywho! Looking forward to October! Not so much looking forward to swim suit season this summer...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend fun

Yesterday we stumbled onto some free kid tickets to a circus in Allen going on right now. And we were in the area and the show started in just 30 minutes. So we decided to be somewhat spontaneous and take the girls. Not long after we sat down, the circus money making began.

Before $25 bucks.

After $25 bucks.

This was the first time we let them get anything like this and it was mostly because the guy came over and placed it in their hands. Kinda hard to say no at that point. They enjoyed them all night and a lot of today.

Good thing we had just eaten because even still all the goodies they were pushing looked delicious! Sodas, peanuts, popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones. They were relentless! Coloring books?!? Have you no shame?

Then the circus started and I quickly remembered why I don't really like the circus.

Because it scares the heck out of me and I'm wishing for it to be over the whole time when something like this is going on. That's a guy on another guys shoulders walking a tight rope.

I do like parts like this though.

But even then I still have thoughts of Animals Gone Wild where elephants go storming through crowds of people. I know, I have problems!

And when Price took the girls to ride the elephants during intermission I just had to put on my happy face.

I think the cold had gotten to my brain at that point. The cold front had caught us off guard and me and Presley froze!! Teagan had her usual layers on and was just fine!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dallas zoo

This past Friday we went to the Dallas zoo. Even though it was spring break, we decided to brave the crowds and get out and enjoy the beautiful day.

I didn't really bust out my camera phone until the end when we fed the giraffes. We bought the five dollars worth of lettuce and went over to the feeding area. We split the leaves between the girls and while I wasn't paying attention, Teagan threw her $2.50 over the ledge. So we had to snag a leaf from big sister. Then we waited. Only one giraffe was taking the leaves, so it took a couple minutes. But soon he came over and gently took the leaves from us. It was really cool!

Then we rode the carousel and headed back home.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sweet sisters

Riding a motorcycle game together at Shenanigans. Unprompted big sisterness.

She did it again today as they were looking at a bug together when Teagan got a little scared.

At school, I'll pick Teagan up first and then we'll go get Pres from her class. More than once, Teagan gets so excited to see Presley that she runs up and hugs her. It's really sweet to see them be loving to each other. It almost negates all the "Sister doesn't want to be my friend" and "Teagan said she doesn't like me anymore". Unfortunately there's more of that than the sweet stuff. But the sweet stuff makes me know that they really do love each other. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Palate expander

Last week we drove down to Georgetown to go to the dentist. My dear friend Megan, who I've known and gone to school with since 3rd grade, including 4 years of college, is married to a pediatric dentist, Travis, who she met in college. Biology class to be exact! He and his friend Kenny, another SFA alumni, have a practice in Georgetown.

Anywho! Presley has a little crossbite and needs a palate expander to correct it so there's no problems later in life with her jaw.

She did great throughout the cleaning, X-rays, and fitting/mold. And she didn't have any cavities. I was shocked!!! We have a fully stocked candy bowl at all times. We ain't scared to eat a little candy around these parts!

So here's my brave little girl!

Trav and his staff did great and we look forward to going back to get the expander placed. I'm a little nervous about her being sore and upset with this thing in her mouth. But we'll get through it! She picked her spacers out after a few days. I hope they did their job!