Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend fun

Yesterday we stumbled onto some free kid tickets to a circus in Allen going on right now. And we were in the area and the show started in just 30 minutes. So we decided to be somewhat spontaneous and take the girls. Not long after we sat down, the circus money making began.

Before $25 bucks.

After $25 bucks.

This was the first time we let them get anything like this and it was mostly because the guy came over and placed it in their hands. Kinda hard to say no at that point. They enjoyed them all night and a lot of today.

Good thing we had just eaten because even still all the goodies they were pushing looked delicious! Sodas, peanuts, popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones. They were relentless! Coloring books?!? Have you no shame?

Then the circus started and I quickly remembered why I don't really like the circus.

Because it scares the heck out of me and I'm wishing for it to be over the whole time when something like this is going on. That's a guy on another guys shoulders walking a tight rope.

I do like parts like this though.

But even then I still have thoughts of Animals Gone Wild where elephants go storming through crowds of people. I know, I have problems!

And when Price took the girls to ride the elephants during intermission I just had to put on my happy face.

I think the cold had gotten to my brain at that point. The cold front had caught us off guard and me and Presley froze!! Teagan had her usual layers on and was just fine!


  1. Um, hello! You were in the Allen area?!?! :) Just kidding...would love to see y'all soon, though!

  2. Happy face, happy face, happy face!!! It's exhausting being like us, huh? :)