Thursday, March 10, 2011

Palate expander

Last week we drove down to Georgetown to go to the dentist. My dear friend Megan, who I've known and gone to school with since 3rd grade, including 4 years of college, is married to a pediatric dentist, Travis, who she met in college. Biology class to be exact! He and his friend Kenny, another SFA alumni, have a practice in Georgetown.

Anywho! Presley has a little crossbite and needs a palate expander to correct it so there's no problems later in life with her jaw.

She did great throughout the cleaning, X-rays, and fitting/mold. And she didn't have any cavities. I was shocked!!! We have a fully stocked candy bowl at all times. We ain't scared to eat a little candy around these parts!

So here's my brave little girl!

Trav and his staff did great and we look forward to going back to get the expander placed. I'm a little nervous about her being sore and upset with this thing in her mouth. But we'll get through it! She picked her spacers out after a few days. I hope they did their job!

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