Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pretty day in the park

Here's some pics from the park on Thursday. Teagan still loves to swing.

Presley is an adrenaline junkie who loves to spin on this tire swing!

This weather has been glorious!

Friday, January 28, 2011

It snowed - AGAIN!

How much fun we had, again!

These are kind of out of order, but Teagan is obsessed with The Christmas Story. So, if you're familiar, Dad was playing Fargus and Teagan was Ralphy. So first two, is a reenactment of the scene when Ralphy beats up Fargus. "When I say 'come', you better come! What are you gonna cry. Cry, baby, cry."

Teagan loved eating the snow. I tried to make sure it was all pure snow, but ya never know.

Presley working on a snowman. However, he never materialized. We decided snowballs were more fun! Plus the snow wasn't as packable as last year!

Yeah, speaking of yellow snow...this little guy LOVED the snow. He, like Teagan, liked to eat it too!

Love this picture! I hope the girls have lots of good memories of all the fun in the snow!

Presley's making a snowball to throw, probably eyeing her next victim. It was no holds bar!

I passed the camera to Price and here's what I got. Note to self, put camera on manual. Although blurry's a good look for me!! :)

We let the girls play until their hearts were content! But their toes got frozen before that, so they decided it was time to come in. We all worked up an appetite, kind of like after you go swimming, and had lunch and warmed back up.

First Day of School 2011

Both girls started (back) to school this semester. Presley has a new class with two awesome teachers and Teagan has the awesome teachers from Presley's first year there. So far both girls are doing well!

This particular morning was freezing!! AND it was crazy hat, tie and sock day. So we tried to get festive.

It's quite a change trying to get two girls ready and on time! I've figured something out recently that helps us have a pleasant morning. Let the girls lounge in bed and wake up for a good 10 minutes instead of letting them sleep as late as possible and then rush them every step of the way. (I gave myself a big, DUUUUH, on that one.) Anyway, yesterday we had a great morning and we were EARLY! So early that Teagan was the first kid in her classroom. She walked in like a big girl, saw there were no other kids and turned around and asked, "where are all my friends?" I praised them numerous times when I dropped them off and picked them up and rewarded them with going to the big park by our house. It was such a beautiful day yesterday!
So with the girls both at school, I have ten hours a week! At first it was really weird, because I haven't been at home without the girls and without Price since before Presley was born. And even before that really because I worked all week. So it's quite a change, but a welcomed one. I've been one mean cleaning machine. Seriously, I have gotten so much cleaned up and out and donated that I'm feeling good! Each time, I tackle a big project. First I clean out our bathroom - drawers, under the sink, and cleaned it from top to bottom, side to side. Then I cleaned the other bathroom the same way. Then the girls' room and closet and drawers. I still have a lot to do, but I finally tackled the playroom this week. I tried to go in there several times and start, but each time I just walked right back out. I keep the door shut so Mav can't go in there and chew up toys, so its easy to shut off the mess and not have to think about it. After Christmas, I did get in there and purge a lot of toys and that has helped tremendously! Now, my goal is to work picking it up into our night time routine before we get ready for bed. I'll let you know how that goes. Getting them to pick up is like pulling teeth!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I had the best manicure ever a while back! I had two of the nicest, most friendly manicurists ever!

They have lots of openings if anyone is needing a fresh coat!

The funniest part is they even remembered to give me a little hand and arm massage with lotion. We've only taken them a couple times to get their nails painted for them to remember all the specifics. Kids memories are amazing.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Y'all, I don't shop! Mostly because I get overwhelmed by all the choices and style options that I have no clue about. But my biggest excuse is that I have two little helpers who add to the frustration when I'm trying shop.

Well, I'm trying to change my ways. I'm trying to look better in 2011. That includes doing my hair and applying makeup more often than not.

My friend Han came over and helped me clean out my closet and we made a list of what all I need to round out my wardrobe. She even organized it for me at the same time. It's so nice in there now! Well my side, anyways!

So with my Christmas present from Price (cash), me and the girls set off for Northpark, because I also had a gift card to Nordstrom.

They were little angels. I was on the hunt for some leather boots. So we went in lots of shoe stores. They found those little booties and put them on over their boots and wore them the rest of the day.

We ate lunch and then found some gelato we couldn't pass up. Me included.

We went around the whole mall twice and I left with one pair of $25 suede boots.

I've given up on shopping for now. I've gotten a few more pieces from my list to work with and really I'm feeling good about it.

The old adage is true, when you look good, you feel good. And can I just say, the tapered-leg-jean is such a versatile piece. It goes with everything. (I guess I've always feared them because of it's other, more commonly referenced name!) Sure that's coming from me, who again doesn't really know much and has still had my fair share of pj days in 2011 despite my best efforts, but I'm working it out, y'all! I'm working it out!

Face painting

Santa brought the girls an art easel for Christmas. So they've been into painting. And Presley's always been into make up. And Price has always been into his Indian heritage. And l guess my "fun" was nothing out of the ordinary - I got to clean up afterwards. So here's our family fun.

Daddy painted Presley's face.

Presley painted Daddy's face.

Teagan painted mine. Just look at that concentration!

Teagan was smart, she didn't want her face painted! But she did get her tummy painted.

And so did big sister.

San Antonio trip

After Christmas, we decided to take a family trip to San Antonio. We stopped by Georgetown on the way to see my friend Megan's new baby, Claire. This is her now already smiling at 4 weeks old!

That night after we checked in, we ate some Mexican food at La Margarita and shopped a little at the Market Square. We were going to walk there, but then realized it was kind of far from our hotel especially holding both kids and decided to hail a taxi. It was a highlight for the girls! They thought they were so big not riding in a carseat. I, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck. But it was only about a minute and a half ride!

We got these dresses while we were at the market square since they have outgrown their others.

The next day we ate lunch and visited the Alamo

before we headed to Sea World where we saw the whale

and sea lion shows

and Presley got to ride a roller coaster.

Then we headed up the road to Gruene, Tx and ate dinner at the Grist Mill, where they had this cool Christmas tree hung upside down in their main entrance area.

All weekend the weather was wonderful! We stayed at a nearby hotel that was old and creepy and we all slept in the same big bed, which wasn't quite big enough! Before we called it a night, we sat on the balcony and listened to some live music. We're pretty sure it was an open mic and most everyone was really good.

Then the next day we hit up the San Marcus outlets and then headed home in time for a family friendly New Year's Eve party at Crystal's house where these rugrats partied it up!


Being in the car so many hours, I decided to write down some funny things the girls were saying.

We took Price's truck, so the girls had a better view than normal. Teagan asked "are we on a bridge?" And then once we were off the bridge, she said "that was a close one!"

Presley asked for the phone Teagan had. Teagan said "no, because you'll get your germs on it.". Five seconds later, Teagan said "Daddy, I sneezed on your phone!".

Teagan said, "I hurt my nugan.". Instead of noggin.

Teagan told a few different stories and then asked Presley "do u want to tell a story after me?". Presley replied, "are you going to tell a story 55 times?"

Teagan says to Pres, " little forehead.". Didn't hear the first part, but a little while later, Pres said "you little whipper".

It was fast, fun, and fantastically exhausting!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Watch dog

I've been so impressed with Maverick's protective side and intuition lately.

This morning, he has been (comfortably) watching out the front window.

The other day he totally tried to protect Presley. Granted it was from her older cousin, Jacqueline, but he clearly had her back.

Then last night, Price and I were watching a suspenseful/scary movie, and I got up to check on the girls and he started barking at Price. I think he could sense I was scared. It was weird.

If he could completely get the whole urinary control in excitable conditions down, we'd be set! Oh, and refrain from nibbling on his sisters!

They both started school this semester just yesterday (pics coming soon) and when I got back from taking them, he ran around the house crying and looking for them for a good 10 minutes.

Ask me tomorrow, but today I think he's a good dog.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Presley got to model some clothing for the spring catalog for Ragsland.

She's on page 41 and 50. It was fun and they did her hair so cute!

I've tried to do it like that ever since, but haven't been able to!

And recently, Presley cut her own hair! It's not as bad as it could have been. She got grounded from candy for a week, which she handled pretty well.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The perch

Madden found the perch at Addy's house!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Family Pictures

Back in August/September (?) my friend Rachael from Rachael Leigh Photography took some family pictures of us literally the day before they moved to North Carolina.

I had so much fun shopping for our coordinating outfits. Price didn't like his, but it really tied us all together. And I had actually got him a few different things and this is what was clean at the time. (Our shoot got rain delayed and we weren't even sure we were going to get to sneak it in before they moved. So I was a little ill prepared!)

And before we even left the house, both girls were whining about something (Presley didn't want to wear her shoes and who knows what Teagan's problem was!) There were tears and fits and overall just acting like they just weren't feeling it that day. So I got a little taste of what it's like to be on the other side of the lens. Moms come in all the time and they are in a frenzy. I understand. I got to experience a little of that. It's much easier to be the one taking the pictures! Anyway, the girls did great, Price got over his wardrobe, and I had to actively remind myself to chill out!

We went to the square first. Love that spot!

Then we swung by, grabbed the pup and went to the railroad track that has this awesome rustic building. He was such a puppy! (He still is, just a lot bigger!)

Thanks so much, Rachael!
I took these last two in a possible attempt for a Christmas card after I found that cool umbrella at Helping Hands.

But after the girls weren't feeling it that day, the last warm day to shoot in summer dresses in December, we ultimately went another angle for the Christmas cards. But wanted to post a couple here. Price made me vow that him in a sweater vest would not be on our Christmas cards anyway. He never mentioned anything about posting it on the blog though...