Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Watch dog

I've been so impressed with Maverick's protective side and intuition lately.

This morning, he has been (comfortably) watching out the front window.

The other day he totally tried to protect Presley. Granted it was from her older cousin, Jacqueline, but he clearly had her back.

Then last night, Price and I were watching a suspenseful/scary movie, and I got up to check on the girls and he started barking at Price. I think he could sense I was scared. It was weird.

If he could completely get the whole urinary control in excitable conditions down, we'd be set! Oh, and refrain from nibbling on his sisters!

They both started school this semester just yesterday (pics coming soon) and when I got back from taking them, he ran around the house crying and looking for them for a good 10 minutes.

Ask me tomorrow, but today I think he's a good dog.