Monday, January 17, 2011

San Antonio trip

After Christmas, we decided to take a family trip to San Antonio. We stopped by Georgetown on the way to see my friend Megan's new baby, Claire. This is her now already smiling at 4 weeks old!

That night after we checked in, we ate some Mexican food at La Margarita and shopped a little at the Market Square. We were going to walk there, but then realized it was kind of far from our hotel especially holding both kids and decided to hail a taxi. It was a highlight for the girls! They thought they were so big not riding in a carseat. I, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck. But it was only about a minute and a half ride!

We got these dresses while we were at the market square since they have outgrown their others.

The next day we ate lunch and visited the Alamo

before we headed to Sea World where we saw the whale

and sea lion shows

and Presley got to ride a roller coaster.

Then we headed up the road to Gruene, Tx and ate dinner at the Grist Mill, where they had this cool Christmas tree hung upside down in their main entrance area.

All weekend the weather was wonderful! We stayed at a nearby hotel that was old and creepy and we all slept in the same big bed, which wasn't quite big enough! Before we called it a night, we sat on the balcony and listened to some live music. We're pretty sure it was an open mic and most everyone was really good.

Then the next day we hit up the San Marcus outlets and then headed home in time for a family friendly New Year's Eve party at Crystal's house where these rugrats partied it up!


Being in the car so many hours, I decided to write down some funny things the girls were saying.

We took Price's truck, so the girls had a better view than normal. Teagan asked "are we on a bridge?" And then once we were off the bridge, she said "that was a close one!"

Presley asked for the phone Teagan had. Teagan said "no, because you'll get your germs on it.". Five seconds later, Teagan said "Daddy, I sneezed on your phone!".

Teagan said, "I hurt my nugan.". Instead of noggin.

Teagan told a few different stories and then asked Presley "do u want to tell a story after me?". Presley replied, "are you going to tell a story 55 times?"

Teagan says to Pres, " little forehead.". Didn't hear the first part, but a little while later, Pres said "you little whipper".

It was fast, fun, and fantastically exhausting!

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