Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My big girl

My eldest is now five! FIVE years old!! I STILL am having a hard time believing it! She's quick to remind me though, and whomever we meet, that it is true! She really feels like a big girl, and rightfully so!

We had a waterballoon party, per her request, at the spray park. Of course I feel like I didn't take enough pictures or talk enough with each of the guests. But overall, I think it was a successful celebration!

Here are the invites! They turned out super cute!

I was a little hesitant to put this on the back (per Price's request), but I went against my better judgement and humored him. :)

This is Presley's friend from school. They have the same name. Aren't they just cute!

FINALLY it was time for the waterballoons! There were moments of frenzy. As Price and I were filling them all up, we were thinking about how long it would take the kids to tear through them. I'm glad to report it was more than 30 seconds! The bruise on my finger and the blister on Price's finger was totally worth it!

Before they began, I had to give the motherly rules, "don't throw it at any one's face, aim for the feet, we're all friends, play nicely, GO!!"

But uh, clearly someone wasn't listening. Not sure whom she was aiming for... but she was serious!!

We are still working on our thank you cards. I'm letting Presley help me this year (to work on her thankfulness and her writing). The rest of the day, Presley kept saying it was the "best birthday party ever!"

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rockwall Dog Park

There's now a dog park in the 'hood! We check it out finally and it was great. Mav ran until his little heart was content, met a few pups he could chase, and utilized all his energy.

There was ample shade which was wonderful! The only complaint I had was there was a muddy trench that drained water going through a part of the park and he loves mud. Surprisingly though he steered clear and remained clean and dry for the most part.

We're back home and he's looking really tired! Hopefully we can make it part of our routine and that'll keep shoes out of his mouth and his defiance at bay. This dog is such a handful and crazy as hell. If I were the giving up type (and the girls wouldn't be devastated) he would have been re-homed a long time ago. He's got it in him to be a good dog, we just have to find it within us to bring it out. Meanwhile, I'm praying for patience and getting a shock collar! :)