Friday, January 28, 2011

It snowed - AGAIN!

How much fun we had, again!

These are kind of out of order, but Teagan is obsessed with The Christmas Story. So, if you're familiar, Dad was playing Fargus and Teagan was Ralphy. So first two, is a reenactment of the scene when Ralphy beats up Fargus. "When I say 'come', you better come! What are you gonna cry. Cry, baby, cry."

Teagan loved eating the snow. I tried to make sure it was all pure snow, but ya never know.

Presley working on a snowman. However, he never materialized. We decided snowballs were more fun! Plus the snow wasn't as packable as last year!

Yeah, speaking of yellow snow...this little guy LOVED the snow. He, like Teagan, liked to eat it too!

Love this picture! I hope the girls have lots of good memories of all the fun in the snow!

Presley's making a snowball to throw, probably eyeing her next victim. It was no holds bar!

I passed the camera to Price and here's what I got. Note to self, put camera on manual. Although blurry's a good look for me!! :)

We let the girls play until their hearts were content! But their toes got frozen before that, so they decided it was time to come in. We all worked up an appetite, kind of like after you go swimming, and had lunch and warmed back up.

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