Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Teagan has arrived"!

Last night we made an impromptu trip to the movies to see "New Moon." Price rented Twilight the other night and we watched it and were eager to see the second one. The second one was soo good. I'm such a sucker for all that special power stuff. The romance BS was a little much and got on my nerves a tad. (Price calls me a "dude" sometimes since I'm not very girlie most of the time sometimes. This was one of those times.) Anywho, I think I want to read the series because I can't wait until Nov to see the third one and know what happens!!

So anyway, back to the reason of this post (hello, too-many-details!). So we were in a hurry to get the girls to my parents and get to the movie on time. So we literally did a baby drop on the front porch and hauled A. (hehe!)

Presley had cried the whole way there saying she wanted to go to the movies with us. Teagan was such a good girl and was just happy as could be. So I thought she didn't know what was going on. Well she didn't protest one single grunt when we did the drop off. (And lil P was over it too once we got there, just for the record.) And the last time we dropped them off, Teagan had waved her fork at us and said "bye-bye Mama Daddy". (Mimi had made something she doesn't get around here often - fresh homemade dinner!! (more on resolutions soon!))

(oh my goodness with the details! I just can't help myself...)

If you know me or followed my blog(s) much, then you know Teagan has always been somewhat of a...mama's girl to the 522nd power, to put it nicely! We couldn't leave her without her crying the whole time since birth. Then she'd only cry half the time once she was a little older. She didn't really like anyone but me for a long time. She just tolerated everyone else and only when she absolutely had to!

So when we got back to Mimi and Papa's house, Presley had made herself comfortable sitting with Papa in his chair and Teagan was playing. My dad proudly said "Teagan has arrived". She didn't cry at all, not even once, and was such a good girl the whole time!!

This is a milestone people! And I couldn't be more proud and excited!

Presley loves to hold her like a baby. But the reality is that she is a big girl. Her complete sentences make me smile and the way she talks makes me giggle out loud!

Here's her lip swollen and bruised from a fall at the park that made her nose bleed. And anytime she here's "nose bleed". She has to say "bonkied nose at the park. It hurt." The kid doesn't forget things!

Another curler picture.

Dancing and being extremely happy. Such a pleasure to see!

No more highchair for this wee one. She prefers the bench seat. She's just patiently waiting for her cereal. Crazy hair and all!!

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