Wednesday, January 20, 2010

oh, that's bad!!

This year, we went to a 'bad sweater' Christmas party. It was a lot of fun - from shopping for a bad sweater to hanging out with friends. We had a great time! Price and I went to a thrift store which should be renamed to "Bad Sweater Paradise" because the options were endless. Price's sweater was actually a plus sized woman's sweater that had sequins all over it. After a few hours spent on it, we got them all off the front only. And this picture you can still see some on his shoulder.

Group shot of all the bad!

Us with our white elephant gift exchange gifts - Price got the lottery tickets (there were no winners) and our slippers. We felt bad, because we brought gifts from our house which were CRAP-PY! Notice Price ditched the bad sweater as did most everyone else, except me. Mine was comfy!!

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