Monday, September 5, 2011

My babies

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. These two have a close bond. They've slept in the same bed since they were 3.5 and 2 years old and we have no plans of separating them anytime soon. Most nights it takes them a while to stop talking/fighting/playing/requesting things and actually go to sleep. One particular night they were talking and it was taking a while and Price went to go listen at the door and he heard.

T: I'm scared, Sister.
P: I'll hold you, Teags.

My babies!!! I don't know why I'm feeling so nostalgic right now. Maybe because Temple will be here in five weeks (or before), Presley's in big school now, and I've had a lot of one-on-one time with Teagan in the last two weeks and have just marveled at what a big girl she is!

This may be no big deal, but she can do major, 100 piece puzzles like a champ! That's big around our house.

I've missed this sleepy-headed, too-talkative-for-the-morning child over the last two weeks.

I've missed leisure mornings all together! They start off with a bang (or an alarm) and don't stop! All day! On one hand it's nice to start the day early and get going. But it's also nice to have nowhere to go and nothing to do! That's the lazy in me!

So speaking of my babies. This summer we went to the beach with Price's family and we snuck some pictures in one evening. This is just one of me and Price showing the (much smaller) baby bump, aka lil Temp.

I need to still edit the other ones of the girls with their cousins. So cute! Will share soon. There was some really sweet ones!

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