Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My little big girl

Here's some of what me and Weegs have been doing.

Playing. (She carried a full 12pack of diet coke from the kitchen to put under her grocery cart like we do at the grocery store.)


A little park action. (She picked out her shirt, bow, and shoes this day.)

More puzzles.

Errands. (In Sister's car seat, of course!)

And even more puzzles!

One thing I haven't taken a picture of her doing is watching tv. She's weaning nicely. She gets a fix in the morning and another in the late afternoon.

Both girls have been horrible at getting in our bed in the wee hours every single night. Some nights before I've even fallen asleep. We've been letting them sleep with us on the weekends since P started kindergarten. They love to and I'm sure the reason we let them has to do with all the nostalgia I mentioned a few days ago. That's the only thing that makes good sense. Because four folks (and one big o' pregnancy pillow) in one bed sure the hell doesn't! Anyway, my point is this is how Teagan was sleeping the other morning when I got up.

In a pregnancy pillow cocoon!

She starts back to preschool tomorrow. Hopefully she'll do well with the drop off! That's the hardest part for her. Her teachers were awesome with her on Tuesday so I'm sure she'll be fine!

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