Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Lady

Presley has a new obsession. Her purse. It's a fake Luis Vuitton I bought out of the back of a car many years ago. She's been taking it everywhere!

This morning when I went to wake her up, guess what was right next to her?

Huge crocodile tears when I said she couldn't take it to school. So I let her. Darn me! She said all the sixth graders carry purses.

On pretty days Teagan, Temple, and I walk to get Presley from school and stop back by the park on the way home. Therefore, we had this today...

I have the cutest picture of her putting lipstick on (from her purse) last night at a hibachi place celebrating Poppa's birthday. But they're on my (new) big camera. Which I'm loving so far!

My goal is to take better, everyday pictures of the girls in 2012. Y'all keep me honest! 😉

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