Tuesday, May 1, 2012


We went fishing at the lake this past weekend. We showed up on Saturday and as soon as we got there everyone went berry picking.

My parents got there Friday night and fished Saturday morning and afternoon. So we had a fish fry Saturday night.

The kids played hard! They played along the shore line, collecting rocks and getting their feet wet.

They played in the tent (that we actually slept in).

My mom's cousin had all these fun toys for kids. Like this kite attached to a fishing pole you just reel in and out. Genius!

And this "green machine". It was too big for most of the little ones, but Pres was able to pedal...barely!

When it was time for bed, I was a little nervous about how we'd all do in a tent. We survived though. And actually all the girls slept fine. And I got *some* sleep.

The next morning bright and early we went fishing. It was windy and a little chilly.

And success!

We had a great time! Thanks, Mimi and Papa for planning it and bringing everything!

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