Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh, how I love....


I've always had an appreciation for hand-me-downs. It started off when I was little (being the third girl in the family and all). But also when I met hubby, and his sister gave me some hand-me-downs. She still will let me rummage through on occasion after she's cleaned out her closet and oh, how it delights me. Because a) I have no sense of style. seriously. b) i mostly buy one style of shirt in three colors - white, black, and whatever color is "in" (or what I believe to be "in"). I was just giggling about it the other day doing laundry after I hung up my white, black, and purple shirt - all of the same style and brand! (Can't beat $5.99 at TJ Maxx!)

I use the excuse that the girls prohibit me from shopping, because....have you ever shopped with two kids 3 and under. Well, it ain't fun!! Even if hand-me-downs are sometimes a season (or two) behind and technically now out of style, I ain't complaining! (why do I feel it necessary to sound so hick-ish with all the ain't's?? oh yeah, because this blog is about being myself! :)

okay, so how did I get so off topic. Oh yeah, because I love hand-me-downs. (You can see I may have a touch of the A.D.D. today.) So hubby's sister has given us lots of hand-me-downs for the girls from her little girl who's now 9! There are especially a lot of Christmas dresses! Here are some of the cute things we've worn this season - all hand-me-downs!! And I'm talking from head to toe - bows, dresses, shoes, and jackets!!!

Posing in front of the tree before a birthday party.

(side note: everyone always says how much Teagan looks like me. Well ironically, I see it in this picture where she's making a silly face!!)

My lens on my lil camera was filthy because the girls love to take pictures with it, but here is Presley and her best bud at school, M! She insisted on wearing this silk dress to school on the day of her Christmas party.

Making cookies at Shelly's. Presley enjoyed each phase - making, decorating, and eating cookies! Teagan just wanted to jump on the trampoline with the boys. I made her partake for a little while. Why pretty dresses to make cookies in? Because if you don't wear them when you can, they grow out of them and the opportunity is lost forever!

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