Friday, July 8, 2011

Thank you!

This year I decided to let (make) Presley write her own thank you notes after her birthday. When we started, I did not realize what a daunting task it would be. We still have five more to write, so if you haven't gotten yours, it's coming! It's been a good lesson for all of us (patience) and a great mid-summer review of her letters. Not to mention really slowing down to see and appreciate what her friends got her!

Here are just some of the things Presley said before, during, and after our card writing sessions.

"I wrote that with my eyes closed.
I need a break.

Who's name is the shortest?
I need to stretch.
I'm tired!!!

How many more?

I just want to write 'Pres'.
It's cold.
What's Victoria's favorite color?(to write that one in that color)
Can Teagan have a turn?
How do you write an R again? (when I know she knows that one!)"

She was surprisingly A.D.D. and really sought out to cut corners. That apple fell straight off Price's tree!

Price was no better, I tried to get him to take a turn helping her and he basically guided her hand for each letter. Uh no!

Some looked pretty rough! Some were pretty good. I wrote a little note on the back myself too!

We'll see how next year's go!

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  1. I thought they turned out great! Such a cute idea and nice surprise in the mail. Makes me feel horrible that I haven't written mine! :/