Thursday, December 8, 2011

Come to Mama

Have you ever heard of an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner? Basically it's a vacuum cleaner that vacuums all by its self. Uhhhh, yes please!

Well while Mav was on extended stay at Mimi's and then came back, I really realized how much dog hair accumulates and I really needed to vacuum/sweep everyday. Did I? No. But I needed to! And I realized how much I enjoyed a clean floor! It made me feel like the house was clean. (even if it wasn't! and usually it isn't!) So I put one of these bad boys on my Christmas list. My niece asked in utter disbelief/disgust, "you asked for a vacuum for Christmas?" She's so 14!! When she's old, she'll understand.

Since it's services we're needed now, I got to open upon receiving!

Here's a crappy phone pic of it in action!

So far I love it! I haven't programmed it yet to start automatically. I just move it around. It does a great job with the pet hair and very easy to clean! And right now it's fun to use and giving me motivation to keep the rest of the house clean! Like a new pair of tennis shoes to motivate you to workout! Maybe I should add THAT to my list!

I really don't have a "list". Price wanted me to make one and it basically turned into a honey do list. He looked at it and told me to go to bed, bath and beyond and pick out my own pot holders and door rugs and he was not going to paint my baseboards.

Alison shared something she heard on a podcast or something. I liked it and it's resonating in my ears and just in time.

Instead of spending/stressing about Christmas, do the following four things:

-Worship Fully
-Buy Less
-Give more
-Love ALL

It *almost* makes me want to send back the vacuum.

On a serious note, the girls are excited to buy presents for a girl or boy that might otherwise not get presents. We'll see how that goes. Last year we took unwrapped presents to Crystal's Santa party and Presley had a few issues. But this is the child who has a hard time dropping things off at the dry cleaner. She did pray for the kids who don't have parents tonight. So maybe she getting it. But she also gave thanks for "Jesus dying on the cross for our sins" and then asked, "what are sins?".

On that note, I think I've covered everything!

Except that my littlest baby is still happy!

And you are probably happy this post is officially done!

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