Thursday, June 20, 2013

Presley's 7!

Presley Anne is officially another year older. She woke up to presents and then that night we had a last minute trip to Amazing Jakes with whatever family members were available and wanted to go.

When asked if she felt older, she replied, "not really, I just feel really happy inside." Birthdays are great. She didn't come across anyone we knew or didn't know, that she didn't tell it was her birthday. For about three days before and five days after!

That weekend, we had her party at the local natatorium. No sunscreen. Yay!! Plus it had awesome diving boards! I really wanted to jump off the high five myself!! Maybe at open swim one day this summer if we go.

Presley loves movies! Her favorite is Oz the Great and Powerful. She's obsessed with Glenda. And she likes the kissing scenes a little too much for my liking. She also likes to record movies that she directs and stars in.

She loves to author and illustrate self made and assembled books. She STILL loves to pack up a bunch of stuff in a bag and take it with her wherever she goes. Mostly it just ends up in my car.

Her favorite thing is to pitch the little tent in our room and sleep in the tent - something we reserve for the weekends. By the end of just a couple days, there's so much crap in there it looks like she's been living in there for a few weeks. It's ridiculous.

She still loves bugs. One day she said she wanted to be a snail helper when she grows up. Because she finds them and helps them have a better place to live. (I doubt they agree...)

She can't pass a mirror without checking herself out. Even in the dead of sleep when I have to go get her and lead her to the bathroom because she doesn't wake fully up, she still looks in the mirror a few seconds. IN HER SLEEP!

She can talk to anyone. She's not shy when it comes to conversation. She gets that from her daddy. (I need a drink to help me!) And yet she has gotten a little more reserved and shy around crowds of her peers she doesn't know.

She's creative and inventive, and loves all types of gadgets. She's really into playing Spy right now.

She is an entrepreneur! She loves to make things and take them out front and sell them. They've made marshmallow skewers that sold for a dollar each, many original art master pieces, of course lemonade, and anything else she could find to sell. One day she wanted a home gymnastics place for kids they could charge admission for, but was devastated when Price and I couldn't bring her idea alive. She also likes to play store where you come in a buy stuff.

I love all these things that make her unique and so much more! Even though she chooses to talk back, forget her manners and is inappropriate and contrary at times, she still has a sweet heart. I enjoyed celebrating her on (as well as before and after) her birthday this year!

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