Saturday, September 28, 2013


I know everyone thinks I have an agenda with this cheer thing, but I promise I don't. Does it make me smile huge? Heck yes. 

Honestly about the time I was down in the dumps feeling like a bad mother and really needing to get the girls involved in something, a friend from preschool told us about this cheer squad. I mentally put it on my to do list. Fast forward who even knows how long and I was on a walk through downtown and I saw a sign about the same team saying "now registering".  I whipped out my trusty phone (love that thing!) and called right then. 

I took the girls to a trial camp. Teagan loved it. She was definitely in.  Mostly because she found her buddy from school. 
Presley said she'd pass but later changed her mind when she found out they got to be in the Fourth of July parade. They also were in the homecoming parade, mums and all.  Bonus!  

Even though they both gripe every practice, they have enjoyed it once they are there. We still have a lot left of the season, and we'll see how it ends before we sign them up for next year!

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