Sunday, November 8, 2009

Perfect Plumply Dumply Pumpkin

Each year the Pointer Genovese Calhoun Family (aka Price's fam) has a pumpkin carving contest. And it gets competitive! We all had to bring our own perfect 'plumply, dumply pumpkin' (that's a book that Presley likes that we've read least 100 billion times) because there was some controversy over who would get the best pumpkin for carving out of what was available.

This year we even made it official with a trophy that says "pumpkin carving champion of the world". We all vote and this year Heath won, Poppa came in second, and I got third. Oh yeah, the little kids had fun too. They got to paint and decorate little pumpkins.

From left to right. Poppa carved a witch (evidently the same as last year), I carved Snow White, which the kids all loved, Shelly did hers in about five minutes, Price carved Mikey Mouse (he copied my Disney theme), Jacq carved a scary pumpkin eating a smaller pumpkin (all by herself) and Heath did a Joker thing with his.

Here's Honey and the little kids stripped down to their skivvies to paint. (But really my kids are "ready to paint" nine times out of ten around our house.)

And here's all the pumpkins aglow!

Thanks, Shelly for a fun night for all of us!

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