Sunday, March 21, 2010

more snow...

Someone said it was going to snow on Saturday. I didn't believe them. But when we woke up this morning, alas there was snow! And I ain't going to lie, mama didn't want to get out in it. Hubby shammed me into it, and I reluctantly got on my gear, got on Presley's gear, got on Teagan's gear, and helped hubby find all his gear. Like I told him, it wasn't the cold that bothered me, it was all the GEAR! Well in retrospect, I'm glad I did. Because like hubby said, we're making memories. Dang him for always being right! (And by 'dang him' I really mean bless him for being a good dad and even caring about making memories!) So I grabbed the big camera and took some snow pictures. Because last time I was having too much fun playing to take any good ones. So here's just a couple of my babies.

Presley's pics were limited for a couple of reasons. First, there was the snot. Second, she was in a pretty goofy mood. Third, she was having too-big-but-still-cute-hat-issues. But this one was cute, goofy and all.

Teagan pretty much ate snow the whole time we were out there. I found this hat at a thrift store and she loves it!

They came in and took a warm bath and then took a nap. I tried to take one, and fell asleep for a brief moment to wake back up and not be able to go back to sleep. So I got up and thought how do I want to spend this free time (because hubby was snoring at this point). Clean up the house? Uuuhhhhhh, never! Cup of warm tea and write a blog? Now we're talking! So right when I got in here and sat down, Teagan woke up. So she's been in my lap while I write. A common occurrence in this 'office'.

So instead of saying 'more snow....', what I really meant to say was, MORE SNOW!!

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