Monday, June 21, 2010

I've had a little of the writer's block each time I've sat down to blog about Presley turning four. So instead of writing about her, I thought I'd post pictures of when she was little over the last four years, but there were too many pictures to weed through for that child. So I thought I would post some pictures of what she's been into lately.

She loves to swing. She likes to go "higher, faster". This is a homemade swing at Honey and Poppa's house that the girls loved, so Poppa made one for our house!

All a girl wants is some boobs for her fourth birthday. She is allllll girl, this child. If it's not balloons filled with water, it's toilet paper stuffed in her shirt.

She loves to take pictures. She took this one of Weegs. I love everything about it! She really captured Teagan and I'm loving the composition. We'll have to work on the focus a bit!

If she's not changing clothes five hundred times a day, she's expecting. She told me she had "ten babies in her belly." And she asks for a baby brother almost every day! Each time, I send her to tell her father! (He's the one holding us up!)

Last but not least, she loves LOVES her sister, little Talalula, or sometimes just Tally.

She's also into tatoos and stamps, which I think she thinks is the same thing. She wanted me to put a tatoo left over from her birthday treat bags on her. She wanted it on her shoulder blade...

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