Saturday, June 5, 2010

Update on our garden

Our garden is growing great! Everything except the pepper box. I'm not sure if there are pepper plants or weeds growing in there...

This is the squash (and my two junior gardeners).

I can't wait for the goods!!

Yesterday I worked in the front yard and planted impatiens in all my window boxes. They provide great color, easy to grow, and you don't have to dead head them! When we moved here, there were petunias in the window boxes, and literally we had to dead head every day (in the heat, ya'll!) Anyway, I found a 20 count flat for $16 at Landscape Source here in Rockwall. Which is a GREAT deal!

On the porch, only one of my geraniums came back (for the third year) after the freeze, so I finally found another red geranium for the other side since that one did not come back. It's hard to find those this late in the season, but never-the-less I found those at Walmart for only $4.

I also got my watering system up and running (almost) all by myself. Hubby had to troubleshoot a few things this morning.

After getting such a big job done, I feel so accomplished! Once they fill out a little, I'll post a picture! Next yard day, I need to pick weeds in the front, in a major way! And probably mulch!

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