Thursday, September 30, 2010

Going on a walk

Oh these days have been gorgeous! I've been really trying to get all of us out to enjoy them. Plus our pup needs exercise so he doesn't terrorize the house.

So we set out with the stroller although you can't see it here (last time I was carrying both girls back to the car)!

The girls have wanted to "go running" with me so now was their chance. And they were off like a shot! It obviously didn't last too long.

Even the pup started getting worn out and when we would pass shade, he'd take a seat and cool off a bit! (we'd only been walking no longer than 10 minutes!

And then before long, this is what I had!

He was whining to get in, so we let him. And then Teagan kept saying, "there's three many people in here!". I hear ya sister!

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