Saturday, December 4, 2010

"T for Teagan"

Teagan knows her letter T. She'll make a letter T with anything - chopsticks, 2x4s, books, videos, shoes, pillows, chips. I think you get the idea. She then proudly proclaims, "Look, a T for Teagan!"

The other day, she outdid herself.

Even though she's wearing a bathing suit, this was the other day. She's very into letters, just like big sister (who is taking the rest of the semester we've upped our learning time at home. You can tell who won that battle!).

The other day, Teagan said "C T P S B A - Kyoto", as we were walking into Kyoto, a family fav, to eat the other day. Such a big girl trying to spell! I remember when Chloe, my niece, was in that stage and did the same thing! Now she's boy crazy and a teenager!

She's into her babies right now. I overheard her tell her baby today, "don't hit mama, do you understand? Do you understand?". You can tell we've had that conversation a time or two? She's into testing her boundaries lately....

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