Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pumpkin carving

We had our annual carving contest a few weeks ago at Aunt Shelly's. This year it was a little less competitive, which was a nice change of pace from previous years!

Me, Price, Shelly, and Honey all were on the same train of thought. We all carved/decorated what the kids (or ourselves, in Honey's case) were going to be for Halloween.

Some looked better in the light.

Price's pirate, my honey bee, Heath's face (he also was going to do Hulk), Shelly's Hulk, Jacqueline's pumpkin face eating a lil pumpkin, Poppa's face, and Honey's raggedy Anne pumpkin.

And some looked better in the dark. (This only slightly improved mine. I need to develop my carving skill.)

Jacqueline won this year with Poppa's in a close second!

On a semi related note, I can't believe it's November!

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