Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

It's been a long Halloween! We've got our money's worth out of our costumes, that's for sure! And that's precisely how I prefer it! :)

Saturday, our good friends, Monica and Stevie had a fun family Halloween party. The girls playing in their back yard. It was a wonderful WONDERFUL night outside!

We left there and headed to Aunt Shelly's who also always throws an awesome Halloween party for the kids and adults! Here's the host and hostess who always have awesome costumes (Katy Perry and a homeless man)!

Here's Honey with all the little grand kids. (Jacqueline was having way too much fun with all her friends for me to ask for a picture with her little cousins!)

All the little ones again with Poppa.

Here's the best family picture we got. I didn't try too hard.... I was a pirate (although I think I made a better gypsy in retrospect) and Price was The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Here's Jacq with some of her friends. I thought their outfits were cute!

After five minutes and a few pictures, Price took his beard off and became Taylor Hicks!

On Halloween night, we went to Aunt Mac's for tacos and trick or treating around the block. Here's the little ones before we got started.

Here they are with Marie, Madden's older sister, who chauffeured the little ones up to the houses and helped carry them around the neighborhood when they decided they didn't want to walk anymore!

Here's Chloe with her posse. (She went as Snooki!)

Willa and Dovie went trick or treating with Jay's family. So we missed them this year, but still got to see their cuteness via text of this cute picture.

Now we just have to polish off our stash of candy and we'll be completely done with Halloween 2010. And unfortunately, we've gotten a great start!

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