Friday, August 26, 2011

One week down!

It's official!

We officially sent Presley to big girl school for an entire week! Nary a tardy. Nary a tear. Well... maybe a couple of tears, or "misty eyes" as Price calls it, from me and Price, but she marched herself into that classroom like she owned the place and never looked back. We were waiting. Well she finally did...we were still waiting.

So after we all went to pick her up, we came back to have a piece of cake we made the night before and talk all about her first day. I got this idea from my friend, Laura. She actually writes their name on it and grade. Our's was lucky to have icing! Just like with pre-K, she was pretty tight-lipped about her day. But we got a few details. Specifically about her boy friend who had spiky hair. I heard it 'boy friend', Price heard it 'boyfriend'. But the next day she came home talking about a break up, so maybe Price heard right... I try to ignore things like that. Anyway, she said her favorite part of the day is recess. Whose isn't? We've learned a few friends names throughout the week. One day she came home adamant about going to her new friends house for a playdate, but couldn't remember her name. She actually got mad because I wouldn't take her. I tried to explain that we didn't know where she lived or even her name, even though Presley said her address was "978". Still not helpful!!

And every cake needs it's sidekick! Ice cream! Teagan can fish that gallon out of the freezer and get the ice cream scooper out of the drawer she can barely see over lickedy split!

Speaking of which, she's my new solo daytime sidekick. She's been enjoying puzzles and errands (she likes to always ride in Presley's car seat when Presley's not there). We have had a little adjustment as she misses her playmate, but we've spent time with her cousins too!

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