Monday, November 21, 2011

Blogging from bed

So when it's been a while since I've posted, I look and see what pics I have taken on my phone. Not many since we got a new little camera, since my old one bit the dirt. But here's what i have.

Madden, Willa, Teagan and Dovie at Aunt Mac's playing that elephant game where you catch butterfly's that blow out the elephant's trunk. Kinda gross now that I think about it. One of them put the net on their head, so they all had to do it! Except Dovie's net wouldn't fit. Lol

Always a pleasure to find random inappropriate pictures from the games they play on my phone. Nice Santa, real nice.

Can you see what's glorious about this picture?

1. Clean windows! Price cleaned all the windows inside and out on Saturday! They looked so great I couldn't stop admiring them! I had lived with the dirt and grim for so long, I didn't realize how filthy they were! You can't really even tell from this picture. But I assure you, sparkly!
2. Christmas lights. Price tries to be *that* neighbor. (Yeah right! See number 1.). But he has been known to put up Christmas lights really early before. Christmas makes him so happy and he can't help himself! But he was really sad last night when he plugged them in and one string blew a fuse and it was drizzling outside. He opted to let it be.
3. Not those curtains that are driving me crazy. They're hung crooked and I think they should be hung all the way to the molding. Plus the rods don't fit in the rod holder on one side. So the rod is just resting on it. I hate to be a buzz kill after I just said how happy I was with number 1. and 2. But that's pretty much my middle name if you were to ask my children and husband.

Anywho, back to my photo gallery.

Presley made this today with her magnets. I thought it was super cool!

And finally. My child not only put this getup together, but wore it out in public. I have officially put on my 'I don't give a darn what you wear' hat.

Teagan, always one to take full advantage, wore her (actually Presley's) old Doodlebops shirt to her Thanksgiving feast at school. You know the one where all the other kids wore their cutest thanksgiving outfit, they sang a few precious songs about Jesus and all the parents had their video cameras and cameras out like the poparatzi.

On one hand it feels good (no, great!) not to fight that battle but on the other I would like my child to look better (dare I say cuter?) on a special day. And then I have an internal struggle with the fact that on the grand scheme of LIFE, it doesn't matter, there's way bigger issues in this world, and I must. fight. materialism. Sometimes I win that fight and sometimes I don't...

Where was I...

Oh yeah, so that's my bloggy M.O.


  1. Proud of you for letting Teagan choose. Peer pressure will kick in eventually and she'll be mortified you ever let her dress like this. Take pictures. Lots of pictures. That's what I do :-)

  2. Great idea to blog the random phone pics! And I understand the clothes perfection battle and chosing not to fight. It's easy when you tell your kids to do something and they just do it. Then along comes the strong-willed child who puts their foot down right back at you. It doesn't take long to fully understand the saying "choose your battles". I learned that the hard way with Colton.