Wednesday, November 2, 2011


He's a pic of lil Temp while she's sleeping right now!

And one awake from yesterday.

She's already three weeks old tomorrow. Can't believe how fast it goes! I'm trying to savor every second! So I don't even mind terribly when she stays awake from 4 to 5 each morning or her fussy time from about 4 to 5 each evening.

She's a sweetie! We're all enjoying her. The girls want to hold her every second. Which is sometimes convenient and sometimes not. Pres and Teag might be having a little hard time adjusting. Especially now that things have settled down and we don't have constant company (read: entertainment). I'm not worried, just need to be sure to give them both lots of individual attention. Easier said than done!

Speaking of which, better get to the lil big sister.

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