Monday, March 5, 2012

Paralysis by Analysis

Have ya'll ever heard about this? Oh my gosh, there couldn't be a more perfect description of me! Literally, I over think things and then I short wire.

Yesterday I started looking at playroom inspiration on Pinterest, because I think we're finally ready to convert the man cave (sorry Price) to a playroom and make a room for Temple. We want to make the playroom fun and maybe make a stage for the girls to perform for us (their favorite pastime these days)! But I started thinking so big (shelves, lighting, paint, new floor, etc) that I seriously started becoming anxious....about everything...Price admiring his new guns out on the table(don't even get me started, don't EVEN get me started), the house being messy, the laundry piles, the Costco surplus I don't want to go to waste, the pictures I need to edit, "that damn stupid dog", the new (to us) dresser I wanted to go pick up and refinish, spring break planning, summer vacation planning, and I could go on and on. From the least of my worries to the biggest! It took me a minute or fifteen to snap out of it.

The "cure" to this analysis paralysis? To not think BIG! (According to google, anyway.) But in yesterday's case, that WAS it, and good to know what caused me to go into that tizzy (playroom overhaul and then shuffling of rooms). I can't think about too many things at once.

That explains why I have to pick up the house before I sit down to work on the computer and clean the kitchen before I can cook. It explains why I pick up a few articles of clothing at the store, carry them around and then decide against everything at the last minute and leave with nothing. It explains why I'm so "right now" (as Price calls me) when I get my mind on one thing and I must. do it. now. And it's all I can think of. Because, IT IS all I can think of!! (Drives him crazy!) (And me too!) It explains why I had to make three grocery store trips for Presley's school valentine's day party. It really explains why I'm a procrastinator. I have to have that added pressure to MAKE me make a decision!

Ya'll. I seriously feel like I know myself better right now!

Hello, me. Nice to meet you.

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