Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kid funnies

So a while back I took Presley to the dr to make sure nothing was wrong with her stomach. She's always complaining of her tummy hurting. She has regularity issues. Anyway, the doc was asking her questions like, "Do you like fruits and vegetables? Which do you like? Do you drink water?" Etc. Well then he asked her if she drank "a lot of soda." She asked, "Mom, is beer soda?" I about died! I then turned red, started stammering, and tried to explained that Price will let her have a sip of beer now and then. Pres quickly chimmed in that she LOVED beer! Luckily our pedi has a sense of humor and we were both laughing by the end of it. My dad would let me have a sip now and then too. Honestly, I liked it too.... Still do!