Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fort Worth Zoo

We went to the Fort Worth Zoo a few weeks ago. It was a lot of fun. Hot. But fun! A quick piece of advise - don't get caught without water or cash at the zoo. The last leg of the journey we were all so thirsty and they only had cash vending machines. Water never tasted so good! Another tidbit of info, while I was taking Presley to the restroom, I asked Price to put some sunscreen on Teagan. When I came out, it looked like he dunked her into a big pool of sunscreen, she was so greased up!

Anywho, here we are on the carousel. Now I remember why we ran out of cash. They nickel and dime you there! But all in the name of fun...

And here we are waiting for the train.

This orangutan entertained us for quite some time. It was fond of my babies! Monkeys are soooo interesting to watch.

Daddy and Presley watching some other monkeys monkeying around!

It was fun and we'll likely go back next year during the cooler weather!! :)

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