Monday, September 14, 2009

The headlock

This post goes out to all MMA fans! And this is a busy MMA fan month, I know because I live with one!

Presley seems to think that when I say "get together" for a picture, this means "put Teagan in a headlock".

Here's the headlock at one of Chloe's volleyball games. Chloe made the A team, by the way!! Yea, go OE!!

Teagan squirming out of the headlock at a playdate with Jackson and Madison. (Note Presley's ensemble....)

At Great Wolf Lodge (what a fun place for kids and adults!) after we went swimming.

And before we went swimming.

And the girls with their Tapout shirts on. For whatever reason, Teagan calls it her "dinosaur shirt".


  1. Teagan must see a dinosaur in her shirt - like the Rorschach ink blot tests. Haha!

  2. iwant the older one to rub her hairless slit for me while I enjoy the baby