Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pointer funny...

It still makes me giggle just thinking of it!

Like with everything I have to give you a little back story. We are simple people. I come from a long line. "Don't need it!" is our philosophy! (That has a back story, in itself!) Of course sometimes we stray from our simple path in every day things, but for the most part we don't get all overboard, especially about Hallmark Calendar days and really even birthdays (except for the kids, because their kids!). It's just another day to me. If you want to do something nice for me, don't' wait until Mother's Day, do it today!! I'm so NOT high maintenance! Well Price comes from high maintenance. He's not (or not anymore...), but his mom and sister, Shelly, will be the first to tell you, they're high maintenance. It's who they are! And we love them for it!


So this past mother's day weekend, I've already mentioned that we went to the lake with my fam. We got home late Saturday night and on Sunday evening, we went to Shelly's to celebrate Mother's Day and Jacqueline's (P's niece) birthday. We decided to just go eat some barbecue for dinner. After I had come back from the restroom for the second time during dinner (gotta love potty trained children), I caught the tail end of a conversation between Price and Honey and Shelly. They were saying something to the effect of "I can't believe you didn't get anything for Tay for mother's day." And I said, "Well did you tell them what I got you for Father's Day?" And he said, " Oh yeah, uhhhh - NOTHING!" Then we both laughed and gave each other knuckle bumps!

The look on their faces! (giggling) Maybe you had to have been there, but obviously I'm still laughing!

I say Price isn't high maintenance 'anymore' because there was a year early on (it's been so dang long, I don't know if we were dating or married) that he did get his feelings hurt that I didn't get him at least a card. I think he figured out my love language is not gift giving. However. HOWEVER, there have been many gift giving incidents gone bad that deserve a little attention here. When we were first dating, I scrapped up all the money I had and bought him a nice watch (in the $100 range, which at the time was like $1000), which never once graced the likes of his wrist. Then he lost it somehow. Well then it turned into the watch that wouldn't die. (giggling) We STILL talk about that watch. Well then there was a guitar. He didn't ask for the watch, but he asked for the guitar. Did he learn? Hell no. Then his dad gave it away from a storage we shared with PASCO (or PASCO shared with us). I still have storage insecurities. I'm a hoarder by nature. My offspring doesn't even like to leave her dresses at the dry cleaner.

So anywho, there was a time I tried. And he's tried to get me gifts too. He still does, bless his heart.

BUT in all seriousness, Price is such a great husband and father and no gift could compare to what he does for me and the girls every single day. Sure, he's a real stinker sometimes, but so am I - way more than he is, if I'm being honest! And he puts up with me! He's my best friend and I am so thankful that he's my husband....

So babe, all this horn tootin' I'm doing on your behalf, consider it your early Father's Day gift!

Oh my...all this husband-appreciation-talk made me just realize our anniversary is coming up.... By the way, Price and I made a pack that we'd remind each other along the way that our anniversary is coming up and we'd never let the other one forget. (Because I'm the person who'd forget!)

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