Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Forgive me!

Here's the deal...

I briefly cut out naps in an attempt to get them down earlier and have some down time for myself to enjoy with Price. Because when they take a long slumber in the afternoon, they don't go back down for the night until 9:30 - 10:00 PM. Honestly, I don't know what worked better for them... But I know my blog love suffered because I'd do my photog work then also. So now we are back to napping during the day and here I am. And I must say, Mama needs the down time! Now, I know I could wake them up after like a hour, but that is like the 11th commandment in my book, 'thou shall never wake a sleeping child'.

Here's some catch up pics to where we are currently.

Mother's Day weekend we went out on the bus (wish I had a picture of the girls on or by the bus, which my dad's converted 1960ish bus to motor home) all the way to Lake Lavon, 30 or so minutes from the house. Price and I got a one day fishing license and it was SOOO much fun!!

Teagan and Presely had some mini fishing poles to use.

Presley actually caught that - it's not bait, but could have been!!

You reeled in a fish every cast. I've never experienced that before. My mom said her farmer's almanac said it was a great fishing weekend, and it did not disappoint! I used to go fishing with the parentals, but if I went it was sure to mean that we wouldn't catch anything!

In other events, Daddy is the new manicurist on duty. If you need your toenails/fingernails painted, he is your man! He even painted my toenails on mother's day (purposely no photo inserted - you wouldn't want to see my feet!) and did a mighty fine job!

Here's Presley at her preschool class Easter egg hunt. Lil sis is helping find eggs.

The girls have gotten really close these last few months. They REALLY have a close bond and play together all day! God really knew what he was doing with these two - in every aspect! Remember we hadn't planned Teagan. But God knew exactly what he was doing, as always!! It's just so sweet to watch them play. They have a new ongoing game they've been playing called 'Tallalula'. I have no idea where the name came from, but Presley is the mama and Teagan is a baby named Tallalula. Price and I are Pappy and Grandmother. And we often watch the baby while the mama goes off to have dinner with friends. (I honestly don't go to dinner with friends that much!) I'm really glad that this is the last week of school for Pres because Teagan is just out of sorts when she is gone. Don't get me wrong, they fight like MMA stars too. But still.... And so we have a summer of adventures in our future!!

Here's Pres holding Weegie like a mama. They are watching a movie together and this is how I found them.

And this seems like forever ago - oh because it was!! Here are the girls in their Easter dresses over at Aunt Shell's. Can you beleive that was the best I got? Of course you can!! (I actually forgot to bring my camera to my brother-in-laws parent's house, where my family celebrated first. Shame!) Anyway, we had a great Easter! Thank you, Jesus for dying on the cross so that we may have eternal life! Amen!

I think that just about catches us up to speed...

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