Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's a great state fair...

Wednesday was fair day. Is it weird to anyone else you get a day off school to go to the fair? Wonderfully convenient, especially since it's on bring three cans and get in for $2, but still odd on a way. We met Addy and fam and Aunt Mac and fam there.

First things first.

Madden opted for nachos. Is he crazy or what?

We stumbled upon this attraction and thought 'what the hay?' :)

Here they are working.

Basically the kids work the farm and get paid a (fake) dollar they can then use to buy something from the store. All the kids came out with a pack of trail mix. Except Teagan. She came out throwing a fit because she wanted a $30 stuffed sheep. After that, it was time for Daddy a beer.

I hadn't gone through the farm with everyone, instead I stayed in the comfort of my wheelchair. Yes, I embarrassingly (especially when Price was pushing me) experienced the state fair from a wheelchair. He did not account for the foot rest and almost took out several people, not to mention I had to ask several times if he was looking where he was going and put my foot down to slow us. It was such a lesson of control and humility. One, God willing, I won't have to experience again. So I'm thankful for those that put up with me so that I could even be there!

Anywho, at some point between roasted corn and cotton candy, we rode the carousel. (By we, I mean Price and the girls!)

And then the nascar cars.

We were standing around thinking about what we should do next and Manny offered, "I'm not getting any fatter just standing here." So it was decided. Time for more food. Fried butter. Fried PB&J. Fried cheesecake (didn't try that one, but heard to was okay).

Then to the airplanes.

We finished the day with the swan rides.

Oh wait, we were going to end there but we had a couple more tickets so the girls rode a ride they deemed the "best part of the day"!

It was this super fast swing we probably never should have let our kids go on. Dovie did not want to ride because she saw it going before hand. Willa didn't see it going so she was game with Presley and Teagan. And when that ride started, it was the funniest thing ever. She was so scared and it was written all over her little face. But after she realized she was okay and her fellow riders weren't scared, she finally smiled and enjoyed it. Still makes me laugh!

We were so tired by the time we got home. We washed up, ate something of substance and went to bed.

And hopefully we'll get to do it all again next year. It'll take us that long to save up again because, Shazam!

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