Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weight Projections

Since we have plenty of time, today we made some guesses on Temple's weight.

Mimi 9# 15oz
Papa 8# 13oz

Honey 9# 12oz
Poppa 8#

Aunt Shelly 9# 13oz
Heath 7# 10oz
Jacqueline 8# 2oz

Addy 9# 6oz
Jay Jay 8# 6oz

Aunt Mac 9# 8oz
Manny 9# 4oz
Chloe 8# 14oz

Daddy 10#
Mama 9# 14oz

My dad (Papa) guessed Presley's weight exactly! So we'll see who's the closest for Temple. We didn't officially make our projections with Teagan. I think I was too scared to even think how big she'd be.

Price's 10 pound guess is freaking me out a little, I must say! He upped it when my mom said I weighed 9# 15oz when I was born and claimed he's never heard that before (but we all know he just doesn't listen).

We didn't make guesses on WHEN this child is going to arrive. But if anyone cares, I think it'll be Wednesday. My theory on that is Presley was three days late, Teagan was two days late, and I'm hoping Temple will only be one day late.

Also, here's where we got Temple's name.

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