Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fresh Flowers

Is it just me or do fresh flowers just make you happy!? I really don't buy flowers unless I'm hosting something at my house. But oh how I enjoy them once the festivities are over! These have just gotten prettier and prettier! And they motivate me to keep my dining room table cleaned off, which is the place that catches EVERYTHING, especially clean and folded laundry. Putting away clean laundry is my nemesis! It is my most dreaded domestic duty! And Hubby always gives me a hard time about "our second dresser". AND once I was visiting with my sister's neighbor (who both live in my neighborhood - or we live in theirs?) was saying how she wants to come see my house sometimes and that she drives by and always looks in the windows and loves our big piles of laundry. I was like....
So, it's official! I'll spend the 10 bucks every couple of weeks or longer and keep my table clean!
Hmmmmmm, I just thought about it further. Yes, my table has been clean all week. However, I haven't done laundry all week. So maybe the flowers inhibit doing the laundry. Either way, I like it!! (But I'm paying for it today!)

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